Pradasphere: A Journey Through 110 Years of Iconic Fashion

Discover Prada's evolution from rebel yell to sustainable chic.


Pradasphere has hit the vibrant streets of Shanghai, transforming the iconic Prada warehouse into a style haven. The dynamic collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, pulling the strings as co-creative directors, has created an outstanding exhibition, offering a front-row seat to Prada's riveting 110-year history. Picture this: over 200 looks, 20 iconic bags, and a blast from the past with 'Fratelli Prada'—a slice of Milanese history reincarnated.



But we can’t ignore one of the most iconic periods of Prada, so we’ll take a spin through the '90s and early 2000s iconic Prada looks, the golden era that birthed Prada's game-changing releases. Miuccia Prada created the trend "Banal Eccentricity," a vibe that blended geek chic, retro vibes, and futuristic flair—setting the stage for today's trendsetters.

Back in the day, Prada wasn't an instant head-turner. But as Miuccia got bolder, so did the buzz. The secret? Flipping the script on materials. Forget leather; think nylon. Ugly and beautiful, all in one look—a bold move that got everyone talking.

The '90s were Prada's rebel yell against the sexy vibes of the time. Miuccia wasn't afraid to splash uncertain shades like brown, turquoise, and avocado green across her canvas.



Doubters hushed up real quick when Madonna started wearing it.

From the '90s rollercoaster to 2020, Miuccia Prada turned a family business into a global powerhouse which included Miu Miu, Prada Sports, and Linea Rossa.



Then came 2020 with Belgian designer Raf Simons joining as co-creative director, dropping their first collaboration in 2021.
Furthermore, Prada took up the challenge of sustainability, going against animal cruelty and the use of real fur, and also unveiled handbags made from Econyl yarn. 

Yet, the ’90s remain a magnetic change, a seismic shift socially, politically, and tech-wise. Fashion, always the shape-shifter, continues to ride society's wave. Today? It's still a wild ride, never the same. Here's to the thrill of Prada!