Jerry Lorenzo's Prada And Adidas Collaboration

A sneak peak into the future.


Jerry Lorenzo, the creative force behind Fear of God, is preparing to launch his Adidas collaboration, and he has already enlisted some high-profile partners to join him. One of them is Prada, the luxury fashion house that has previously worked with Adidas on several occasions. Lorenzo teased the upcoming project on his Instagram, showing a glimpse of a shoe's insole that reads "PRADA Adidas by Jerry Lorenzo."

The post also hints that the collaboration will drop in 2025, as Lorenzo wrote, " projects for '25 becoming realized..." The insole is black with a Prada logo and "Adidas by Jerry Lorenzo" text, as well as a red Prada Linea Rossa stripe on the sole.

There is no further information about the Prada x Adidas by Jerry Lorenzo collection, but we can expect to see more than just footwear. Lorenzo is known for his streetwear-inspired aesthetic, while Prada brings its refined elegance and craftsmanship. The combination of these two brands could result in some unique and innovative pieces.

Check out the sneak peek of the Prada x Adidas by Jerry Lorenzo collaboration and stay tuned for more updates.