Empowering Women's Health: An Interview with YON E Global Founder

Transform your vaginal health through sustainable and innovative solutions!


A revolutionary women-led company focusing on women's health and well-being, YON E Global empowers you to transform your vaginal health for the better! Providing you with the products you deserve,  YON E Global offers a wide range of sustainable, innovative solutions, including a groundbreaking medical device currently in development. 

So, I was honored to have the opportunity to talk to YON E Global's founder Roswitha Verwer, about her inspirational brand and her journey behind the creation of YON E Global. 

Hello Roswitha! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me interview you. YON E Global is an influential brand that people need to know about. For those who are unaware, who are YON E Global?

YON E Global is a medical company focusing on FemTech and Femcare combined with digital health. We are a safe haven for women, by women.

Currently, we are developing a medical device focusing on the general health of the vagina and have launched Europe's newest FemCare webshop to support women in their monthly uncomfortable and painful situations by providing sustainable and organic solutions.  

What is FemTech?

FemTech is using technology to improve women's health and well-being. Presently, companies are focusing on reshaping areas such as healthcare by using tech solutions designed for women. It's an exciting, evolving field that's finally giving women more options and knowledge, even in ways we hadn't thought about before! 

What is the story behind the creation of YON E Global?

I transformed my pain and struggles into the essence of YON E Global, where I can use the knowledge, go against current stigmas, and provide medical solutions for overall vaginal health. 

Vaginal health, especially menstruation, is a subject people aren't well-informed of. Why is it paramount for companies like YON E Global to be widely accessible?

Reflecting on my mum's youth, it goes down generations and begins with those who didn't have the correct information available. We want to break the cycle for future generations and focus on the truth that it's a sensitive but vital topic. Especially menstruation, having no understanding of something we have been using for years, then afterwards learning the side effects, this isn't a solution!

Our approach at YON E Global enables you to gather precise data about your body, empowering you to make informed decisions about the products you need. 

I love the range of products you have available. From Anxiety Relief Herbal Elixir to Vibrators, what made you want to provide such a variety of choices? 

During our lifetimes, women experience more than just menstrual care. Many of us cope with emotional fluctuations, including anxiety and depression, often rooted in hormonal changes. Therefore, I wanted to focus on pleasure and well-being, as it's significant for self-discovery and the incredible experience women have by independently using sex toys or with their partners. 

Meeting multiple older women, they also are unaware of sexual pleasure or sensualism, some doubting ever having orgasms due to lack of education.

Overall, YON E Global webshop focuses on the female cycle and the uncomfortable yet beautiful female experiences. 

Among YON E Global’s eco-friendly products are ‘Stand and Pee Sticks’, which I’ve never discovered until now! How did this idea come to light? 

I gained an intimate understanding of the social landscape during my time in metropolitan cities, particularly the party and event scene. Women have expressed to me their negative experiences at festivals and events of men having easy access to toilets, but women don't get that luxury. We wanted our stand and pee stick to be convenient on the go. Its biodegradable, environmentally-friendly design avoids leakage or spillage, with the product created thin and perfectly suitable to carry in your pocket or wallet.