Fendi x Pokémon Ode To Year Of The Dragon

For Lunar New Year, Fendi blends pop culture and tradition.


Set to debut in the first week of January 2024, Fendi unveils an unexpected collaboration that intertwines high fashion with gaming and pop culture, featuring limited edition releases overseen by the visionary Hiroshi Fujiwara, in collaboration with the creative direction of Kim Jones.

In a surprising and innovative move, the renowned Italian brand Fendi is ushering in the Lunar New Year with a unique celebration, drawing inspiration from zodiac elements to mark the commencement of the Year of the Dragon.

The Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon collection is a playful exploration that takes the iconic Fendi monogram to new heights. Under the curation of Hiroshi Fujiwara, renowned for his distinctive FRGMT signature, the FF logo undergoes a transformation, combined with beloved Pokémon characters on the season's standout baguette handbags. 

Showcasing the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, Fendi's design team and expert leather artisans invested over 30 hours of manual workshop to infuse a bold and unexpected yellow statement, striking a perfect balance between high fashion and a lighthearted, fun aesthetic that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Kim Jones, Fendi's creative director, expressed his admiration for Hiroshi Fujiwara, dating back to the 90s, making this collaboration a natural fit for the creative team. 
The synergy between Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi, the longstanding creative director for accessories and menswear, has been instrumental in the brand's recent evolution, infusing modernity into its rich heritage.

The collaboration also received gratitude from Hiroshi Fujiwara, who expressed his enjoyment in working with Jones and Venturini Fendi, citing it as a true honor to collaborate with a traditional brand renowned for outstanding craftsmanship.

The Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon collection extends beyond handbags to include a range of limited-edition clothing and accessories. The lineup features the men’s camera bag, small leather goods such as wallets and cardholders, and other Pokémon dominated accessories.

Fashion enthusiasts can mark their calendars for January 4, 2024, as the Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon collection is set to hit selected Fendi boutiques worldwide and fendi.com.

This exceptional collaboration not only pays homage to the Lunar New Year but also exemplifies Fendi's commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary influences.

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