Fashion Meets Function: Unraveling the Hottest UGG Bluetooth Sheepskin Earmuff

The coziest audio accessories making waves in fashion.


As our dynamic society adjusts to attune itself with the rapidly advancing technological landscape, fashion must evolve and adapt too. UGG has made the leap into the functional fashion realm and presents its latest innovation: the Bluetooth Sheepskin Earmuff. These cozy audio accessories not only make waves in the fashion scene but are luxuriously warm, the signature UGG way. The perfect gift for music lovers on a winter walk this season. 



Craftmanship With Weather In Mind

Thanks to the use of genuine sheepskin, these UGG Bluetooth Sheepskin Earmuffs are prepped with water resistance to battle the unpredictable elements on your commute. They also feature shearling trims and lining to further that luxury feel whilst also enhancing the durability. A product that is built on substance and style. 

Comfortable Connectivity

These earmuffs have hidden built-in wireless headphones, redefining the sound experience on the go. UGG has enlisted advanced wireless technology to allow for effortless connection between devices, so you may enjoy answering calls as well as listening to your favorite album. Your headphones will always be ready to go due to the inclusion of a charging lead, and the extra soft headband ensures enjoyable audio experience even after extended wear. 

A Colour For Every Pallete

The UGG Bluetooth Sheepskin Earmuffs are available in 4 luxe shades: Black, Chestnut, Metal and Burnt Cedar. There’s a color for everyone, every outfit and every occasion. And for that added touch, your order will arrive in a gorgeous box stamped with the UGG logo. 

The Price Tag on Ease and Comfort

Retailing at $115, these audio accessories are a must have for music lovers who appreciate UGG’s perfect blend of fashion and functionality. Get your Spotify minutes up no matter the weather whilst keeping your ears warm this winter!

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