"DIOR METAMORPHOSIS" Unveils the Glam Behind the Glamour!

An amazing behind-the-scenes documentary!


Dior is about to spill the tea on what's really beneath the runway glitz. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the mastermind behind Dior's women's lines, is cooking up a spectacle that's not your grandma's runway show. Get ready for "DIOR METAMORPHOSIS (Concealing and Revealing)," a behind-the-scenes rollercoaster into the heart of creativity.

This ain't your typical fashion documentary. Chiuri and curator Circe Henestrosa are teaming up, turning the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso into a historical fashion battleground. Fashion history meets Mexican cultural vibes, with artisans from different native groups throwing in their two cents.



Circe Henestrosa brings Frida Kahlo's legacy to the party, adding a splash of cultural pizzazz. The film takes you on a wild ride through the design studio, where Dior's fancy-pants designers rub elbows with indigenous artisans. It's not just a fashion show; it's a heritage fiesta, paying mad respect to the crafty hands behind the scenes.

The heart of the documentary? The juicy dialogues between Dior big shots and indigenous artisans. It's a mashup of cultures, resulting in killer Dior silhouettes. Dior's not just flaunting fashion; they're giving a nod to the skills passed down through the family tree.

This project isn't playing around—it's a mix of old-school tradition and cutting-edge cool. Every stitch, every fold is a fusion of cultures. The film promises a front-row seat to this wild fashion ride. Don't snooze on it—be part of the epic journey into the heart of DIOR METAMORPHOSIS!