The It Girl’s Guide To Vintage Shopping In Mexico City

5 of the best vintage and second-hand boutiques in CDMX, I swear.


As one of Latin America’s largest fashion and design industries, Mexico City is a sprawling cultural mecca with a hypnotic local art and fashion scene, revitalised by a new generation of young creatives. Through the years, the city has seen an influx of second-hand and vintage stores - many carrying carefully curated pieces, each one unique and with personality. Tucked within the city’s trendy La Roma and Condesa neighbourhoods, these are spots the Depop girlies haven’t found yet.

So whether you’re looking for designer labels, genuine artisanal garments, or just an eclectic mix of everything, this is the It Girl’s list of the emerging fashion capitol’s best kept hidden secrets. 

Back To Life Vintage Clothing

One of the bigger vintage boutiques situated in La Roma, Back to Life Vintage Clothing showcases a substantial range of just about everything. Literally. 

Vintage leather cowboy boots, kimonos, suede jackets from Barcelona and a blinding jewellery selection; not to mention its array of silk shirts, sunglasses and graphic tees, be prepared to spend hours browsing the racks of the shop and resisting the urge to try on everything. Back To Life Vintage also has an online shop and provides international shipping. Prices range from $13 USD to $220 USD

Address: Colima 87a & Colima 23a, Roma Norte


Vintage Hoe

Having just celebrated their 15th year anniversary, Vintage Hoe has been curating a charming collection of vintage garments for years, making it a staple for Mexico City’s tastemakers. Inside, you’ll find a range of designer dresses by brands including Issey Miyake and Christian Dior, handmade beaded bags from the ‘70s and an eccentric range of shoes, statement jewellery, shirts and jackets. Pop in to the back of the shop and you’ll find bits of traditional Mexican knick-knacks and household decor as well as a little room dedicated to denim wear. Items can range from $15 USD to $300 USD.

You’ll find Vintage Hoe tucked away beneath La Roma’s iconic early 20th century townhouses.

Address: Jalapa 27, Roma Nte.


Verde Permuta

Located on the 2nd floor of Bazar Fusion, Verde Permuta is a quaint second-hand boutique with something for everyone. From baby tees and crochet sweaters to pantsuits and oversized trousers, the store is exciting to rummage through and prices are lower than other vintage stores in La Roma and Condesa. In addition to having a varied selection of local and high street garments,  Verde Permuta also features a smaller collection of designer brands. You don’t want to miss this one. Prices range from $5 USD to $150 USD.

Address: Londres 37, Juárez




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If you’re looking for something a little more underground, Amnes!a has some great picks for reasonable prices. 

Shibori-dyed garments, capes, corsets, Playboy merchandise, as well as leather harnesses can all be found here. Check out their Instagram to see what’s new in store as well as pop-up exhibitions, collaborationsand art workshops. 

Address: Jose Alvarado 6, Roma Nte.

Vintage and Second-hand Bazaars 

On weekends, vintage and second-hand bazaars fill the streets of La Roma and Condesa. Similar to a tianguis, or open-air market, the bazaars feature multiple little stands selling all sorts of pre-loved bargains and unique collections. Some stalls also offer tarot card readings, herbal cigars and tattoo booths. Depending on the bazaar, you could even bring in and trade your old vintage/second-hand item for another! Keep a look out on Adiós Closet and Bazarama for the latest updates.

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