Berlin's "MENTAL HOT SPOT" Art Exhibition

Join us as we navigate Berlin's art scene with Tim Plamper's guidance!


Hope you all had a fantastic weekend because we sure did! We had the exclusive honor of attending the finissage of the Berlin-based art exhibition, "MENTAL HOT SPOT," curated by Tim Plamper. If you missed out, no worries – we've got you covered! Our cameras were rolling as we explored the captivating world of art at OOW We Design Architecture on Leipziger Strasse in Berlin.

Tim Plamper, the creative maestro behind "MENTAL HOT SPOT," took us on an exciting journey through the exhibition. With his insightful commentary, we delved into the minds of some incredible artists, each with a unique story to tell through their exceptional creations.

Curator Extraordinaire: Tim Plamper @TimPlamper

Tim Plamper's curation skillfully wove together an eclectic mix of artists, creating an atmosphere that sparked curiosity and ignited the imagination. His passion for art was palpable as he guided us from one exhibit to another, sharing the inspiration behind each piece and shedding light on the artists' diverse perspectives.

The Stellar Lineup of Artists:

  • Emma Adler @adleremma
  • Patrick Alt @patr_alt
  • Rebekka Benzenberg @r.ben.zenBillie
  • Clarken @billie_clarken
  • Lukas Glinkowski @lukas__glinkowski
  • Charlotte Klobassa @charlotteklobassa
  • Christian Kölbl @christian_koelbl
  • Anna Nezhnaya @anna_nezhnaya
  • Tim Plamper (Yes, he's an artist too!) @timplamper
  • Alona Rodeh @alona_rodeh
  • Fette Sans @fettesans
  • Yorgos Stamkopoulos @yorgosstamk
  • Lisa Tiemann @tisaliemann
  • Philip Topolovac @philip_topolovac

Dive into the art world with us! Check out the full video above for an exclusive peek into "MENTAL HOT SPOT."

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