Seven Brands For A January In Quiet Luxury

The persistance of the trend in 2024.


Navigating January blues and the wintery streets isn't always a breeze. While I find solace indoors, and truth be told, I could set up camp without ever stepping out, I still want to go out in style

However, personal style is subjective, and many aren’t looking to be the center of attention whilst seeking to be stylish. Reflecting on the enduring popularity of "quiet luxury," I wondered whether this trend, once prevalent in 2021-2022, is coming to an end in 2024. 

Considering economic climates and shifting aesthetical perceptions, major brands and their diffusion lines seem attuned to today’s world. Perhaps, in 2024, quiet luxury continues to endure as a subtle response to the zeitgeist.

I suppose, after hearing for two years straight about it on every other social media post, at this point the overly used „quiet luxury” term isn't meant to be about being heard or seen. It’s always been for the „if you know you know” crowd, but I recon very much about letting your personality come out through the clothes without standing out visually. 

So, as I hit up the January sales in department stores, a testament to the enduring relevance of physical retail, I revisited and rediscovered several understated luxury brands that always leave a lasting impression. Some brands might be getting big, but let's see if they're still keeping it smooth and sleek despite the hype.


Italian style blending sophistication with comfort. Meticulously crafted menswear and womenswear showcasing attention to detail and quality craftsmanship perfect for the January weather.



Loro Piana

Italian luxury brand celebrating its signature designs through exquisite cashmere and wool creations and impeccably tailored outerwear, reflecting a commitment to the finest materials.



Johnstons of Elgin

With roots tracing back to 1797, Johnstons of Elgin is a Scottish heritage brand famed for luxurious knitwear and accessories. Their design defines their commitment to quality and timeless style.




SuitSupply's outerwear redefines menswear with modern elegance. Balancing classic style and contemporary cuts, it offers casual essentials that seamlessly merge sophistication with accessibility.




The Italian outerwear maestro seamlessly blends function and fashion. Renowned for innovative designs and technological fabrics, Herno's jackets and coats embody a commitment to quality and modern aesthetics.



The Row

Founded by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row epitomizes discreet luxury through minimalism. Impeccably tailored garments, focusing on exceptional fabrics and timeless silhouettes, define modern elegance with restraint.



Ermenegildo Zegna

The Italian powerhouse sets the standard for classic menswear with a contemporary edge. Impeccable tailoring and premium fabrics for outerwear and other designs showcase a seamless blend of tradition and innovation.