Burberry Brings a New Look to Harrods In February Activation

Burberry's modern Renaissance: a fusion of tradition and innovation at Harrods.


Burberry has given Harrods a fresh makeover, wrapping the iconic London department store in their signature 'Knight Blue' hue. This transformation, led by creative director Daniel Lee, channels Burberry's adventurous spirit, the brand’s new logo, and ethos based on its long-term legacy.


Outside, Harrods shines in the electrifying 'Knight Blue', drawing attention to its new appearance. Inside, visitors are treated to an immersive experience celebrating Burberry's outdoor heritage. Windows display with camping-inspired decorations, take the shoppers on a quintessentially British journey of exploration.

An immersive experience
A standout feature of the transformation is the new look for Harrods' green-clad staff, now sporting Burberry's 'Knight Blue' check uniforms from Lee's latest collection. This collaboration marks a milestone for both heritage brands.
Daniel Lee's vision, blending city style with countryside charm, takes visual merchandising and product activation to the next level offering visitors a taste of British spirit and modern luxury. This takeover coincides with Harrods' 175th anniversary, promising a month-long celebration of British tradition and innovation.



Inside the pop-up space, guests discover Burberry's iconic pieces reimagined for today's adventurers. From trench coats to exclusive accessories, the collection embodies Burberry's timeless style.

CEO Jonathan Akeroyd praises the collaboration, highlighting Burberry's dedication to luxury and exploration. A dedicated rainwear section offers visitors a deeper dive into Burberry's illustrious history, showcasing iconic trench coats and providing insight into the brand's esteemed legacy. This space serves as a testament to Burberry's enduring influence and commitment to craftsmanship. Overall, Burberry's transformation of Harrods blends tradition with innovation, inviting guests to discover a world where heritage meets modernity.

Burberry's new chapter
Burberry's recent updates under Daniel Lee's direction showcase a successful modernization while staying true to the brand's DNA. This approach sets a standard for how brands should evolve in 2023.

The debut collection at London Fashion Week Men's emphasized the balance between tradition and modernity, setting the tone for Burberry's evolution. Now, with the unveiling of the Spring 2024 collection, any doubts about a drastic departure from the brand's heritage have been dispelled.