Celebrating Life: Bottega Veneta's Summer '24 Campaign

Matthieu Blazy celebrates joy, fashion and life.


Summer takes on a new vision in Matthieu Blazy's campaign for Bottega Veneta. Blazy reconsiders the season through a documentary-style perspective, transcending geographical boundaries to embrace simplicity and sophistication wherever we may find ourselves.

Captured against the minimalistic dynamic backdrop of a Japanese playground by photographer Alec Soth, Bottega Veneta's Summer 2024 campaign draws inspiration from the brand's minimalism. While the campaign pays homage to Japanese aesthetics through its setting and choice of elements such as mushroom and sea animal sculptures, its overarching message is one of inclusivity.



A vision of understated timeless elegance 

Bold colors and patterns intermingle with the brand's trademark minimalism, resulting in a visual feast that is both unpredictable and captivating. Set amidst the serene city park, the campaign effortlessly captures the essence of understated elegance amidst everyday surroundings.

Central to the collection are contrasting colors, Bottega Veneta's luxurious oversized leather goods, sleek silhouettes complemented by oversized accessories, and a steadfast emphasis on the individual wearing the clothes, rather than the clothes wearing them.



Ultimately, it's about refined luxury, seamlessly blending sophistication with a hint of rebellion.

From knitted swimwear to everyday commuter tailoring, luxurious leather pieces, pom-pom dresses, and fringed coats, the collection invites individuals to embrace their unique identity, regardless of their location in the world.

Celebrating the art of life

In a world where opulence often overshadows simplicity, Bottega Veneta's summer campaign serves as a poignant reminder to pause, savor nature, and find joy in life's quieter moments.

It's a celebration of the art of existence, where vibrant hues and playful motifs evoke memories of carefree summer days, while the quiet surroundings of a park at twilight offer comfort in its simplicity.

Summing up Bottega Veneta's latest campaign, Matthieu Blazy encapsulates its essence as follows: "An Odyssey: a journey that is both free and hopeful. Playgrounds are spaces of freedom, joy, experimentation, and discovery. They’re places where you can invent your own adventures, take risks, experience yourself in different ways."