How To Beachify Your Style

It’s a word if we’ve said it.


More tips on perfecting the Salty Granola aesthetic coming your way. It is official, we are in the summer season, aka the home of salty granola wear. Prepare yourselves for sand-filled sneakers and sea-kissed clothing. The sweetness of the aesthetic is its carefree roots which intertwine nicely with the accompanying beachy lifestyle. In The Delicious Aesthetic Of Salty Granola Girls, we talked about what types of garments are good to thrift or invest in. When it comes to brands, however, it can be a lot more flexible.

For example, staples like caps and flannels are found widespread and are therefore easily accessible. However, as environmentally fashion-conscious girlies we like to buy into brands that are doing their bit to create a better future. We recommend Patagonia as they are an easily accessible brand which will also provide the comfort and practicality of clothing required. Plus, their designs are cool and right up the street of the salty granola vibe.  



Old vintage clothing works super well for the aesthetic, and it is easy to find garments from brands like Nike, Adidas and Fila. The retro styles are extremely welcomed for these looks. Markets are great places to find quirky, unique pieces of jewelry which no one else has. Or one-up, your own personal handmade jewelry!

The more individual pieces you have (hand-me-downs etc.) the more your outfit will take on your own style, which is important for allowing you to feel yourself. Have fun with it and remember it's not that deep. Here are some pictures to inspire you:


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