A Guide To The Perfect Thrift

Get in bitch, we’re going thrifting.


The shopping trend which has embedded itself into the DNA of Gen Zs is, of course, thrifting. The power of a good thrift is like taking a shot of straight euphoria and then chugging an endorphin chaser. Second-hand shopping plays a big step in lessening our environmental impact and can help our wallets stay, somewhat, full. We feel good about thrifting as we can add some really cool clothing to our wardrobes without compromising our morals. But...with great thrift, comes great responsibility. Although second-hand shopping is kinder to mother earth, we still gotta be wise about this shit. Here is our guide to the perfect thrift: 

1. Where We Going? 

If you live in a big city, you will know the second-hand scene is a lot more accessible than in towns and small cities. In metropolitan cities, second-hand markets and small thrifting stores are usually located in gentrified areas with a higher younger population demographic. Places like Shoreditch are rife with thrift stores with really cool, good-quality clothing. Usually more expensive; however, the styles are most likely what you will be looking for. 

Charity stores will be much cheaper for thrifting but require more patience and dedication. Be prepared for sifting through a lot of clothing before you find what you are looking for. However, one of the charms of charity stores is you can find some unique pieces that no one will have. Designer products are often offered for a ridiculously small fraction of their original price, so keep your eyes peeled. So, we recommend the charity thrift for those of you on the hunt for a bargain with time to kill. 

2. Let’s Get Sustainable 

It is easy to get carried away with the thrift feeling. What could be better? Sustainably buying good quality clothing that is cool af for a smaller price tag. The temptation to thrift the whole freaking store comes over us like a wave, because, after all, we aren’t purchasing fast fashion and due to the clothing (usually) being cheaper, we can afford to buy more. However, we must remain responsible consumers. You should try to only buy the pieces you love, even if that kinda cute top is only $5. If you overbuy, you won’t get the most out of the garments, which someone else would have. Buying clothing, you are not 100% sure about increases the chances of it getting disregarded or chucked because it was cheap. Remember, you are responsible for the afterlife of the clothing you buy. 



3. Follow Your Instincts 

Relating to the last point. Get the pieces that get you excited! We're sure we have all experienced that gasp moment when we see exactly what we are looking for or a piece which speaks to our souls. So why settle for the hums and deliberations of ‘should I buy this’? Thrift the pieces that you fall in love with and leave the rest. Bulking up your thrift haul with lesser pieces just dilutes that post-thrift buzz. 

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