Designers You Should Be Watching Like A Hawk In 2023

These women are moving up in the world, fast.


We have our eyes on some upcoming designers who we think will revolutionize the fashion world someday. Making strides, 2023 is set to be big for these three designers, so get to grips with Elena Velez, Karolina Vitto and Tia Adeola. 

Elena Velez 

So, who is Elana Velez? Unsurprisingly, she is an up-and-coming American fashion designer whose unconventional feminine designs have created a widespread buzz about what feminine fashion looks like. So, if you are familiar with Velez’s work, her latest win as American Emerging Designer of the Year 2022, may have seemed unsurprising considering her ascending acceleration of achievements in recent years.  



After graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2018 with a BFA in Fashion Design, Velez has had no time to waste. Coined as a “designer representing the future of fashion” by Lindsey Peoples and Anna Wintour back in 2019, she has continued to create modern and contemporary designs which express her perspective on high fashion. In 2020, Velez once again graduated from Central Saint Martins with a graduate diploma in Fashion Design and made her first appearance at New York Fashion Week in September 2021. So, we think it is fair to say that in the past five years, Velez has certainly begun to make a name for herself in the fashion world. 



The designer has described her take on fashion as “aggressively delicate.” Inspired by her childhood's raw and industrial surroundings, she expresses what it means to be a woman through her deconstructed designs. In her unconventional merger of femininity and industrialization, her work captures a new, untraditional, and intense image of womanhood

She is a force to be reckoned with, and we have our eyes glued to her for the coming year. 


Karoline Vitto 

The Brazilian-born, London-based fashion designer, Karoline Vitto, has us in a chokehold. Her female-empowering designs have caught our attention so much that we are keeping tags on her for the 2023 season. Starting up in 2020, the brand is exceptionally fresh and modern, with no loyalties tying it to the past.  



At the heart of her brand and garment designs is inclusivity. Celebrating the female body in all its unconventional beauty is what drives the inspiration behind the collections she produces. Curves and folds are given emphasis and praise in Karoline Vitto’s world, and we think that seems like the type of world we would like to live in.  



Last September, Vitto showcased her debut collection with Fashion East for London Fashion Week SS23. Her show was recognized as a standout show of the jam-packed week. She is making her mark and is showing herself to be a promising designer for the upcoming seasons. Karoline Vitto is a name to remember.


Tia Adeola 

Although now based in New York, Tia Adeola was raised in London and born in Nigeria. The young fashion designer is set for big things, already shaking up the fashion world with her gorgeous designs. She takes inspiration from her love and knowledge of the Renaissance period and tries to construct a different version of history (especially for people of color) through fashion.   



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A 2019 graduate, however, Adeola was building her brand up from scratch from her dorm room in 2017. Incredible work ethic and creativity means she is destined for success, and we have bought our front-row tickets.  



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Her designs are ultra-feminine and, quite honestly, breathtaking. Her pieces are airy, glamorous, and dreamlike and will have you daydreaming at your desk. That is what fashion is all about, right? 

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