The Top 5 TikTok Beauty Trends For Summer

Is your beauty routine summer-ready?


It’s no secret that TikTok is the ultimate trendsetter in 2021. As summer rapidly approaches and going out and about becomes more and more available to us, here are the top 5 TikTok trends you need to try:

2016 VS. 2021

You’ve probably seen the side by side makeup looks all across TikTok (this trend has 191.9 million views, after all) : classic 2016 makeup on one side and 2021 on the other. And, the 2021 side just looks… so much better. What the hell were we thinking back then? In 2021, we’re going for a more natural makeup look without actually paring down our makeup. We want a full makeup routine that makes us look like we’re wearing nothing while still looking perfect. This means full but natural looking brows, more natural looking lashes, softer eyeliner, and of course, glowy skin. 


Makeup is insane... I look like two different people at the end... #makeup #beauty #2016vs2021

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Glass Skin

Everybody wants glass skin these days: poreless, luminous, and radiant while still looking natural. This means using a great exfoliator followed by your favorite moisturizer. Prime your face with a primer that gives you a super dewy look. Next, we recommend blending a liquid foundation with a tinted moisturizer that has some shimmer and shine right onto the brush. This will even out your skin more than a tinted moisturizer while still lightening up the heavy coverage foundation. Once you’re finished with any contouring and blush, apply highlighter to your cheekbones and the tip of your nose and set with a light setting spray. 

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Gua Sha And Face Rollers

You’ve surely seen influencers and Tiktokers using jade or quartz rollers on their faces. Gua sha is the newest version. If you haven’t tried this trend yet or you’re wondering “why are people squishing their faces all the time,” take it from us: you need to try it. Gua shas and rollers assist with lymphatic drainage, help with circulation, soothe your skin, can help your skin absorb product, and will actually contour your face. Gua shas are the choice for you if you’re looking to release joint and jaw tension and related headaches and want some extra facial sculpting help. Rollers are a bit better for some quick soothing and de-puffing. Which stone should you choose? Rose quartz stays cool, reduces wrinkles, and will last longer. Jade will adapt more to your skin’s temperature. For rollers, always roll in an upward motion towards the outer edges of your face. (Pro tip: the little roller on the other side is for above and below your eyes!) We recommend using the roller after you’ve applied your moisturizer, serum, or overnight mask-- this will help your product sink into your skin. 

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If you have natural freckles, now’s your time to shine. For the rest of us, the faux freckle frenzy is here to stay, and it’ll be especially prevalent during the warmer months (the time when irl freckles like to pop out and say hi.) TikTok’s freckle love affair is an extension of the “I swear this is just how my face looks!!” route makeup is taking. You can’t see freckles through caked-on makeup, so if you put freckles on top of your makeup, that flawless base must be your real skin; right? Our one tip for faux freckles: subtler is better, and less is more.


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Rice Water

For many of us, summertime means one thing when it comes to our hair: frizz. According to TikTokers, rice water is the solution you’re looking for. A lot of folks agree on this one; the #ricewater hashtag is up to 332 million views. Trichologist, Bridgette Hill, told Cosmopolitan, "Rice water enthusiasts believe rice water detangles their hair, makes hair smoother and shinier, and grows the hair longer." It has amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that should improve your hair health, but there’s still no scientific evidence that it actually grows your hair, and it seems like it really differs from person to person.


Reply to @urfavsoftgf on rice water days I always have the smoothest hair ✨ #ricewater #ricewaterforhairgrowth #hairgrowth #hairgrowthtips #hairtok

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Follow these trends on TikTok to see how they’ve worked for others, or jump right in if you’re ready to try them for yourself, and you’re on your way to hot girl summer.


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