Ready To Change Your Eyeliner Game?

5 kajal pencil tips to make your eyes pop.


Kajal pencils (AKA kohl eyeliner) are far from a new addition to beauty. In fact, this makeup actually comes from ancient Egypt. Fast forward (like 5,000 years) to Spring 2021. Now that bold, black liner is making a major comeback, it’s time to revamp your routine with these 5 tips:

Prime Time

Eyeshadow primer may seem like an unnecessary addition to your routine, but it’ll stretch your liner’s staying power. Kajal is more likely to smudge than other eyeliners, and our makeup should stay exactly as we applied it this morning into tonight. Spread a swipe of primer over your lid to your lash line before applying your look to make it stick.

Embrace the Waterline

Most eyeliners aren’t waterline-friendly, but that’s where kajal is meant to go! Smudge it right into your upper lash line. Try your lower lash line, too, for a bolder look.

Blend, Blend, Blend

Kajal is the most blendable option on the market, so don’t shy away from purposeful smudging. The unique texture sometimes leaves empty spaces behind. Use a liner brush to fill them in, and smudge to perfection.

Try A Smokey Eye

Speaking of purposeful smudging, smokey eyes are all about smudges, and kajal is the perfect tool for this look. First, rub your pencil on your hand to warm it up. Then, draw a line of dots near the lashes before using a little moisturizer to smudge the dots. Lastly, apply a dark eyeshadow.

Erase Your Mistakes

What’s the best part of a pencil? It’s erasable! With kajal pencils, there’s no need to grab makeup remover and restart the whole eye when one tiny error occurs. Just dab a little of your fave moisturizer on a cotton ball or Q-tip, and wipe the mistakes away.

Enjoy your new (or... ancient?) eyeliner routine!

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