How Bond Repair Can Save Your Hair

Get ready for your healthiest hair ever.


What is bond repair (AKA bond building?)

Don’t you wish you could have that just left the salon hair without actually having to go to the salon? Well, we’re finally one step closer, and the secret is in the science.

If you’ve ever used bleach, hair dye, a hairdryer, or a curling or flat iron, your hair is probably due for a little healing. Let’s put on our scientist hats for a second (don’t worry-- we’ll fix the hat hair later.) Your hair is made up of chemical bonds. Altering your hair color and styling with heat breaks down these bonds over time. If your hair has been looking especially dull, dry, or frizzy, broken bonds are likely the culprit. 

Salon professionals have offered bond repair products to help out tired hair for quite some time. Now, you can use bond repair products at home, and not only will they give you strong, shiny, healthy-looking hair, they’ll also guard your hair from future damage.

Which bond repair product is right for you?

As with any hair product, there’s no one-size-fits-all choice. You may want to ask your hairdresser which product best fits your needs. Olaplex was the pioneering bond repair brand to bring a salon practice to stores like Sephora, and it offers a wide range of products from shampoo to styling cream. If a hair mask is more your speed, The Wella Fusionplex mask is easy and affordable. Amika’s The Kure, Redken, and In Common are other great brands to try in the quest your perfect bond-building match. Once you’re on the road to total hair health, you’ll start to see that smooth, movie-ready hair you get at the salon. Though, they have yet to figure out how to bottle professional blowdrying skills… But, we can dream!