Why Butterflies Are More Than Just A Trend

As we emerge from our cocoons, our style is emerging, too.


Butterflies have big ‘90s nostalgia energy, so with both ‘90s trends and springtime in full swing, it's no surprise we’re seeing butterflies everywhere. But, this spring in particular, the butterfly trend ~hits different.~

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us isolated for the past year, and whether we like it or not, most of us will emerge as new people. It’s safe to say we all hope that, like butterflies, this transformation will have done us good.

Beyond their major relatability factor, butterflies remind us that new life and good things are right around the corner. And, that sounds pretty damn good right about now. Designer, Sheena Sood, told Refinery29, “I was always told that if a butterfly comes near you or sits on you, it’s a sign of good luck and a blessing. So I associate them as being a breath of fresh energy, a good omen, a sign that I’m on the right track, and even a reminder of what’s important to me.”

SS21 style is all about fun, color, nature, and hope. Both the runway and the streets are reflecting a journey past the ‘90s and into the ‘60s and ‘70s for psychedelic prints, colors, a celebration of hallucinogenics, and a push for change. Fashion is an easy, accessible way to get creative and express how we feel, so with what we’ve been through and the state of the world, it’s no wonder we’re finding butterflies relatable and using them to show the transformation we’ve undergone and where we’re headed. What's the best way to show your butterfly love? We've gathered some of our faves: 

Urban Renewal Vintage Colorful Mini Butterfly Clip Set

For the ultimate '90s throwback, butterfly clips are near and dear to our hearts.

Shop some here for $10. 


Forever 21 Floral Butterfly Charm Headband

Pretty, butterfly-inspired hair accessories are an easy, subtle way to double up on trends. This headband is a sweet and springy nod to butterflies without being in-your-face.

Shop it here for $5.99.


Altar'd State Flutter Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are always an easy breezy summer go-to. This one is a perfectly colorful homage to our winged friends.

Shop it here on sale for $62.99 


Electric Picks' Madi Messer Monarch Necklace

Looking for a staple piece to throw on with everything? Dainty gold necklaces are everything right now, so we're obsessed with this on-trend chain and butterfly charm

Shop it here for $98.

In her essay, The Pandemic, Or How People Are Like Butterflies, essayist, Kathleen Stocking, said “Like the Monarch Butterflies journeying thousands of miles through possible storms, to a place that may have no trees for them to rest in, we are not quitting. We are the people, and we will do as much as we can for as long as we can…” And, we are. We’re persevering, fighting for positive change, and rocking butterflies in any way we can. 

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