Proenza Schouler Collection: Embracing Serene Elegance at New York Fashion Week

McCollough and Hernandez redefine contemporary fashion for fall/winter.


On the second day of the New York Fashion Week, Proenza Schouler, helmed by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, unveiled its latest Fall/Winter 2024 collection, marking a significant moment in contemporary fashion. Shifting away from the noise, the brand presented a serene and understated aesthetic, surprising the fashion world with a tranquil understated collection.
Over the past two decades, McCollough and Hernandez have crafted an unmistakably iconic vision for Proenza Schouler. Their recent focus on simplifying their designs, moving away from bold prints to embrace textured layers, has made their seasonal showcases highly anticipated events during fashion month.

These presentations have also served as a gauge for upcoming trends in the fashion landscape.



Brave, bold, and minimal

The New York show boasted a star-studded front row, with celebrities like Paloma Elsesser, winner of the British Fashion Award for Model of the Year, at the event. This latest Proenza Schouler collection aims towards a shift to quiet luxury in response to the recent viral trends.



Featuring meticulously crafted outerwear essentials and tailored pieces reminiscent of 90s fashion icon Helmut Lang, the collection strikes a balance between boldness and subtlety.

The tailoring was all about precision and refinement, evident in details like the crisp creases adorning the sleeves of a white three-button jacket.

Drawing inspiration from Lang's aesthetic, the parkas showcased in the collection captured a sense of ease and comfort. It's intriguing to note that McCollough and Hernandez found inspiration in the 90s era, a time of analog simplicity amidst the impending digital age.

Another quiet luxury brand?

Throughout the collection, Proenza Schouler incorporated sheer fabrics, predominantly in a neutral color palette of whites, blacks, and greys.

 Sheer tops paired with elongated shoulder straps and layered dresses showcased the brand's innovative approach to design.

In the midst of renowned fashion houses, Proenza Schouler asserts its place among symbols of quiet luxury such as The Row, Bottega Veneta, and Brunello Cucinelli.

As the collection makes its debut, anticipation mounts for public feedback, eager to see how this departure from conventional trends will be received.