FACULTY Drop Their Most Powerful Nail Color Yet!

For the Misfits of the world.


Humans have always been expected to blend into the crowd, to abide by the rules and always say yes. FACULTY are a brand who represent those who didn’t want to blend in, who went against the norm and said NO! An all inclusive company that embodies the words diversity, originality and empowerment.  


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A line for all genders, FACULTY have introduced a new ‘hyper-pink nail polish’ to their lacquer selection. Their inspiration for the new addition is taken from the FACULTY’s origin story, marinated in rebellion, creativity and self-discovery. Through their own soul-searching journey, founder Umar ElBably awakened his “Power” which, in return, unearthed the reality that true power comes from being vulnerable at your ‘most authentic self’. Therefore it makes perfect sense that ElBably features in this campaign

Putting emphasis on ‘masculine fragility, uniformed work’ and various other environments people experience, this campaign exposes the true sentimental and understanding nature deep inside everyone. 

Retailing for $15 shop their complete collection via Faculty.world.


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