Coloring For Adults: The Anti-Stress Solution From Your Childhood

Let colors help you.


Stress has overtaken our fast-paced lives, forcing us to look for remedies. Among those solutions are exercise, meditation, or art therapy such as drawing.

And right next to drawing is coloring. Here’s why you should give this curative hobby a go.

Coloring is no longer reserved for children. In vogue for the past few years, coloring for adults has become a widespread method of stress relief since social media helped popularize the hobby. A great way to unwind, coloring is an alternative art therapy to cut the stress of a long day. It's also a relaxing new routine to adopt before bedtime.



Coloring, A Recommended Art Therapy

Art therapy is a therapy process aimed at healing patients with conditions, including stress-related ones. It can take several forms, such as music, dance, or theater. Primarily a communication tool, it allows patients to express their feelings creatively, using sound or visual forms.

In coloring, the art form used is drawing, precisely the coloring of images. The lines and the chosen colors replace the words. With the help of a felt-tip pen or pencil, you can combat adult life’s anxiety-ridden journey.

Like drawing or painting, coloring involves concentration and relaxation. Simple and practical, it has a significant advantage: unlike many other hobbies, it requires no specific knowledge. Furthermore, coloring is affordable and available for all.



An Anti-Stress Weapon

Usually, the pages of coloring books for adults contain complex drawings (often mandalas). These shapes make the adult concentrate and forget about the surroundings and worries. The purpose is to reduce stress by activating well-being hormones.

The attention required to color the small details of the mandala and the repetition of the gestures tend to hypnotize. As the stakes are low, there’s no pressure. The motion of coloring reduces the impact of unpleasant emotions felt during the day. A sensation of safety will then emerge and allow you to let go while enjoying yourself.
It’s often recommended to include this art therapy in your daily routine. The approach is that you take time each day to color in your book. Set aside time in the morning or evening to enjoy yourself.

Coloring pictures has relaxing benefits but is also a way to meditate. Coloring allows you to forget about your problems. At least, it lessens their emotional toll on your well-being. Besides, the color used in the patterns is not innocuous. The hues you pick can reveal your emotions. Coloring is thus an excellent way to take time to reflect.



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The Many Benefits Of Coloring

Develop your creativity. Coloring will help you maximize your creativity. Of course, coloring doesn't need as much knowledge and creativity as drawing or painting. Yet, you can develop your artistic spirit. It all depends on the tools used. The grain of a pencil tip left on the paper will not be the same as that of the markers. The texture will be different. Same for the color you choose to personalize a mandala or images of animals and flowers.

  • Increase your self-confidence. Once you finish your coloring, you will feel the pride and satisfaction of completed work. Your self-confidence will be rewarded.
  • Fight insomnia. This art therapy can be undertaken in the morning to bring out the apprehensions of the day. Yet, the evening is the most effective time for relaxation. And this activity is an excellent way to gather some serenity before bedtime and restful sleep. Please don’t take our word for it. The folks at Harvard say so.
  • Calm your anxiety. As previously mentioned, coloring has calming properties. It's a way to focus and forget about problems and all forms of negativity in the adult world. Also, disconnection and reflection will allow you to refocus on yourself.
  • Reconnect with your childhood. This creative outlet allows you to fall back into childhood; you get back in touch with forgotten gestures. It's an occasion to be spontaneous again. You only worry about choosing accessories and colors to use to express yourself on paper.

Coloring can be practiced solo or with others. You can even share the childish pleasure of coloring with your partner—a fun way to spend time together.

  • An art therapy open to all. The coloring books offer all kinds of complex images. From flowers to mandalas, a wide range of coloring is available to the public. In addition, this art therapy is very economical in terms of price.
  • Slow down the development of Alzheimer's disease. Coloring stimulates the brain and restructures thinking. It's a widespread creative practice to help adults with the condition because it helps them focus on the present moment. There are even specific coloring books designed for this disease.

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Where to find coloring books

Finding coloring books is no hassle nowadays. Most bookstores offer a coloring book section. Online retailers such as Amazon and Etsy have extensive catalogs dedicated to this trend. On top of that, you can probably purchase adult coloring books at your local supermarket. Prices range as low as 4 dollars.

For the tech-minded, there are adult coloring apps. Check the app store or the Play store.

Likewise, some websites offer free printable coloring pages. All you need is a decent printer.

Now that the bases are covered, how about giving coloring a try? With a notebook and a few coloring pencils, you are ready to start!