A Darker-Skinned Makeup Line Courtesy Of Simone Ashley?

The actress opens up to British Vogue about her experiences as a darker-skinned woman.


During a conversation with British Vogue, Bridgerton and Sex Education actress Simone Ashley opened up about being a darker-skinned woman and her experiences in the industry. And revealed her interest in creating a beauty line centered around young women with dark skin and curly hair like herself. “I want them to be like, “Yes, I’ve got exactly the right products for me.” 


“I don’t have a traditional entry into this industry that a lot of my white peers had, that of being a thespian, and I’ve always found that a bit isolating. But I don’t want the color of my skin ever to stop me - Things have taken longer than other young actors who may not have the same restrictions. But I never surrendered to it. I remember being a kid and people saying certain things that make you aware of your skin color. I remember seeing those Fair & Lovely creams - they smelt so good, like baby powder, but I didn’t understand what they were.” The actress continued, “ Now I’m like, Wow. That’s messed up. But I adore the color of my skin. I always have”. The actress progressed to say despite her darker skin being “restrictive,” at the end of the day, she “never surrendered to it.” 



Praising her makeup artist Alex Babky and hair stylist Peter Lux, Ashley stated how their understanding positively impacted her confidence. “They understand my skin and the texture of my hair, and when getting ready for events, we find joy within it. And it’s not a superficial thing - it’s about normalizing dark skin and curly hair for girls who need to see that normalized”. 
As filming Season 3 of Bridgerton has officially kicked off, maybe Ashley can squeeze into her schedule the launch of a makeup line too?


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