Nail Art: The New Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Your fingertips can be your canvas.


Outfit checklist- shoes, top, pants, coat, bag, and nails. Yes, you read that correctly; your nails are just as important as the garment you choose to wear in today's fashion. Nails have emerged as the new main fashion accessory, captivating individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Gone are the days of simple, clear polish; it's all about statement colors and nail art nowadays, and we love it!

We put so much emphasis on our nails that they even dictate our clothing choices compared to before when the nail design would complement the look; they have become an essential accessory like a purse or a piece of jewelry.



Our nail preferences reflect our styles, interests, and values, making them vital elements to incorporate for self-expression. Our fingertips are our modern-day canvases.

To aid you on your next trip to the nail salon, find some of the best nailspo below.

Cherry Obsession 

This cute and quirky set is perfect for those who are playful and want to catch attention—taking the color of the season's meaning to another level.



Gem Galore

For the gem lovers out there, this one is for you! Pearls and diamonds are a girl's best friend, after all.



Galactic Chrome

It's a polish that is a little less intimidating but certainly still eye-catching. This stunning set is ideal for practicality and a wow factor.



Read My Fingers, Not My Lips

This art is designed for the more daring of people. If you're bold enough to go for this set, there are a few ways of having passive-aggressive fun! Perfect for working in environments with irritating co-workers or attending events you don't want to be at.



Pink Drip

We are calling all edgy Barbie girls. You need this set in your life; the talent required to create the wet effect is incredible. Head turning!



Silver Star

Chrome is on trend, and this design is excellent for Christmas—a pivotal contender to add to your nailspo board.



If you are effortlessly boujee, immediately run with this inspo to your nail tech. It's giving us Dolce and Gabbana meets Victorian times, creating a true masterpiece on the nail bed.



World At Your Fingertips 

We are taking the saying to a literal level. This art is insane; the color contrast, detail, and shape are perfect.



Little Bo Neutral

For nail addicts who prefer a more neutral look, check out this nude nail art with the black bow theme—another option for the holidays.



UV Chrome

We are finishing our inspiration with this futuristic-like set and giving vibes of a starry night mixed with a mysterious mystic feel. Can you imagine the joy you would have wearing these nails in the club? It is an eccentric and excellent choice for ravers.



We were tempted by most of these designs and are excited to try them out on our next visit to see the nail gurus. Remember that your nails have the same value for expression as your clothing, style, and makeup, so paint whatever you like! Let your nails do the talking as the most crucial element in your look.

Happy Fresh Set!