Cherry Red: The Color That's Taking This Season By Storm

The IT shade and its influence on A/W 23.


Fashion trends come and fashion trends go but some are more memorable than others. Autumn Winter 2023 is well and truly underway and the biggest craze taking over the season is undoubtedly the color: cherry red. Whether it is bags, shoes, or clothing – the one thing these items have in common is the prominent color featuring in collections from designers such as Stella McCartney, Elie Saab, Bottega Veneta and Jacquemus. As well as influencers and TikTok creators taking to social media to promote the shade from their lipsticks and nails– to their outfits and accessories, they are dressed from head to toe in the pigment. So why are we so obsessed? 



The color symbolizes passion, love and desire, its thought to be more of a bold statement to wear in oppose to a pastel color like pink. Infact individuals who wear red often are found to be more attractive than those who do not. So, are we all as a collective stepping into our dark feminine era or are we simply just following the style?

This said, there is a fine line between keeping up to date with fads and having a lack of originality. From the color only being used in the past by women to assert their authority and confidence to now potentially taking this aspect away from the pigmentation as it is being so excessively used.

Nevertheless, we live in a society where crazes change in the blink of an eye and there is enough time left for a few more trends to consume us this season. Another striking shade perhaps? Although there is nothing quite as empowering than a woman dressed in red.

Find some of the best ways to add the color to your wardrobe below! 


The sought-after shoes of fall, the revival of the Adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor sneakers from 1979 in a stunning cherry red shade. For the season, this kind of sneaker is perfect to add a pop of color to your fit. Pair with chunky socks a jumper dress and an oversized coat.



Faux Leather

Faux leather is another absolute must for fall, it's so simplistic yet effective in taking your outfit from a five to a ten. Incorporate at least one leather piece into your outfit and watch it give you that wow factor whilst elevating your look.




Including accessories in your look is another key factor in creating a flawless street style approved outfit. This could be a handbag, sunglasses or even earrings providing a sense of sophistication and edge to the final creation.


Embracing Cherry Red: A Fiery Fashion Statement

As we dive headfirst into Autumn Winter 2023, the red wave has captured our hearts and wardrobes. Whether it's the allure of passion and desire it symbolizes or the sheer confidence it exudes, there's something undeniably powerful about embracing the boldness of cherry red. Fashion is a canvas for individual expression, and perhaps, in our collective obsession with this fiery hue, we're all finding our unique ways to make a statement. While we navigate the thin line between trend-following and originality, we can't help but wonder what the next striking shade will be. Until then, remember, there's nothing quite as empowering as a woman dressed in red. So, go ahead and infuse this vibrant color into your wardrobe, whether it's through sneakers, faux leather, or eye-catching accessories – make it your own!