5 Jewelery Brands You NEED To Know

The recycled, revamped and rising stars of the jewelery world you should already be following.


Let's be honest…no outfit is ever complete unless dusted off by accessorized metals and the latest must-have eco-resin earrings, but with the jewelery, market saturated to the max it's hard to know where to go. In the spirit of a new year, we’re looking for new places to spend our old hard-earned cash so here are our top five rising gems to set the jewelery industry on fire.

Wahidon by Ranin Karim, NYC

Palestinian-born founder Ranin Karim moved to New York with big dreams of big jewels with collections lovingly made to order. All pieces feature 925 sterling silver yet the gold in the collection are finished off with a brushing of gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may). The word rebellion comes to mind, with the use of heavy metals and beautiful oxidisation used within her work. Splitting her time between being an IG badass and jewellery girl boss, Karim aims to fuse the world of spirituality and sensuality in her work. Creating her own rules of work, she mixes old and new together to embody symbols of nature. 

The Golden Lovers Bug Ring $360


Lenique Louis Jewelery, UK

In the heart of London’s jewelery epicentre Holborn, you will mind Lenique Louis, a designer using traditional handmade techniques that will leave you, as she says herself “Leniquely styled’. Taking much inspiration from plant matter such as corals, mangrove trees and algae, she creates a beautiful merger of living and past. She uses coral specifically its in different stages of life; birth, thriving and decay for the inspiration behind her creations. Using 925 sterling silver, dusted with a layer of 18-carat gold vermeil, she adopts an ancient technique called hand waxing to mould her collections. If you hadn’t already added her to your lust list…then you must! Celebrity clientele from the likes of Ellie Goulding and Ella Eyre, Louis is nothing short of unaccomplished also featuring as brand ambassador to The Princes Trust... she must be on your styling list.

The Divide Ring $437


Lone Wolves Creative by Lois GB, UK

Lone Wolves Creative founder Lois GB flies very much under the radar with her homegrown, home-loved crystal pendant collections. Each crystal has a different energy vibration to help, heal and grow. Amethyst is often used for its mind-calming properties and improved sleep whereas Phantom Quartz, regularly featured in her designs exudes positivity, inspiration and strength. Now that’s a crystal cocktail we’re all in need of! With a different connection to different crystals, Lois’s medium and chosen profession is a very personal one she tells Fizzy. “After years of working with them I still feel drawn to the bench every morning to explore something new, that’s the magic!” Pricing varies from crystal to crystal and is held together by a wrap of 14-carat gold fill or sterling silver. 

I Love Rose Quartz Collection (price on enquiry)


Chalk House by Malaika Carr, UK

Chalk, Chalk, Chalk…we have endless compliments to serve. Architect turned jewelery designer Malaika uses walnut, acrylic and Formica to recreate geometric tribal-inspired designs. The culture and craftsmanship put into each creation leave you with a vibrant and timeless element to elevate any style. Her most recent collection, Ndebele, is inspired by the stunningly decorated homes of the Ndebele tribe in Zimbabwe. The handmade element means each piece may vary in wood colour which to us is a.k.a bespoke and at roughly $55 for a pair of earrings…that’s an absolute steal. 

Sipho Earrings in Fuchsia Cream $55


Elin Horgan Jewellery, UK

Running with the theme of geometric inspiration comes Elin Horgan, an independent female-run jewelery company using Ecosilver which surprisingly is exacting what it says on the tin; recycled silver. The Bristol-based designer makes all pieces herself with everything made to order. “With a design ethos of ‘beauty in simplicity’, I use geometric shapes and clean lines to give my work a timeless aesthetic”. Built to last, Horgan’s pieces are simplistic yet statement in every way and the perfect addition for those jewelery junkies looking to explore abstract jewellery.

The Rhea Pendant $150


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