Novaa's Latest Single Came To Her In A Dream

The Berlin-based artist blends humor and honesty with ease in her new single “School Friends.”


The best sources of inspiration often come from the unlikeliest of places; just look at Berlin-based alt-pop artist Novaa’s latest single “School Friends.”


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“Sometimes melodies or lyrics come to me in dreams. Mostly it’s only fragments, but back in winter 2020 I was dreaming of a music video with a whole chorus. I remember that I was running through a hallway in a school guided by the chorus of 'School Friends'. When I woke up I recorded the idea on my phone, it got stuck in my head and when I got to my studio a couple of days later I recorded it,” she says on the track’s inspiration. 

This dreaminess is clear in the track’s production, which is carried by a pulsing, offbeat electronic beat mixed with industrial synths and warped vocals. While the topic of school may prompt not-so-fun memories, Novaa approaches the topic with ease. “I don’t have the best memories of my time in school, I mostly felt like an outcast, but this song makes it lighter and helps me find peace with that. I hope it does that for others too,” she notes.


A post shared by Novaa (@areyounovaa)

The track will appear on the singer’s upcoming third album She’s A Rose, which will form the second side of her previous release, last year’s She’s A Star. Across both of these records, Novaa tackles tough topics with lightness, creating a unique balance of introspection and humor. This new album in particular discusses her deeply personal observations on modern gender roles and the challenges faced by women all too often in today's society.

She’s A Rose will be released this May, and we cannot wait to hear what Novaa has to share next.

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