Genre Barriers Are No Match For Lia Rye

The South London-based alt artist is breaking barriers, one genre bending song at a time.


The past few years have seen a monumental surge in the presence of young, precociously talented female musicians. These artists have begun breaking boundaries in the music industry and blurring the lines within genre and style with ease. The next artist in line to continue this evolution, it would appear, is 18-year-old Lia Rye.

Lia is a South London based artist and Brit School alum, who draws together inspiration from punk and pop to create a wholly unique sound. She straddles the line somewhere between Bring Me The Horizon and Lorde, and this is perfectly emphasized on her most recent single, “Habits.”

“Habits” details the detrimental effects of self interest and building one’s own reality, but rather than wallow in these negative feelings, Lia defiantly embraces acceptance. “It’s sort of bittersweet as I learnt not to make excuses for unacceptable behavior, but I had to ponder on the journey it took for me to gain that understanding,” says the artist on her inspiration behind the track.

This track in particular expands the boundaries of genre even further, blending Lia’s signature sound with 80s pop influences and thrashing alt-grunge. This atmosphere of individualism and experimentation is emblematic of the catharsis that Lia attempts to achieve through her music, not just in genre, but for music industry stereotypes entirely.

As a black female artist, a prime endeavor across Lia’s music is her desire to break genre barriers, and open the world of alt music to new audiences. Having released her debut single at the age of 15, it is clear that Lia is an artist with wisdom beyond her years, and ambition to burn.

“Habits” is the first single off of Lia’s upcoming EP Fever Dream, and if her previous releases are any indication, we will be eagerly awaiting what she has to share with us next.

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