How To Modernise Your Millennial Wardrobe

Update your style and feel seen in 2024.


Were you a skinny jean-loving, chevron print fanatic in the 2000’s? Are you feeling a little left behind as Gen Z leads the way in their chunky platform trainers? Don’t worry, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

We know that retro is totally in right now and fashion comes back around in circles- cough cough, the revival of Uggs for example- so if you love your nostalgic pieces then keep wearing them and living your best life. However, if you're seeking to modernize your wardrobe and give Gen Z a run for their money, consider making some easy swaps with our suggestions:


Skinny Fit ➡️ Loose Fit

Whether that’s a wide leg, balloon leg, or even flared jeans, there are hundreds of different styles of loose-fit jeans that will suit your individual body shape. Say goodbye to suffocating in skin-tight jeggings or accidentally putting your leg through the knee of your distressed jeans, and instead opt for a flattering mom jean. This style is a high-waisted, tapered leg jeans which is an easy transition into the world of baggier pants. 


Longline ➡️ Cropped 

A staple Millennial look that I’m sure that many of you will remember was the go-to thin, slouchy cardigan, layered with the skinny jeans. The look had its moment, but now it’s time to contemporarise the aesthetic. Now we’re trading them in for short, chunky knitted cardis with buttons so that it can also double up as a top when buttoned up. 


Peplum Hems ➡️ Satin Slips

This frilly silhouette was an absolute classic for adding an extra, dressed-up touch to any outfit. But nowadays, instead of hiding our curves underneath layers of fabric, a satin slip dress has become a popular option due to its luxe feel and versatility. These pieces can be dressed up with heels and an updo or be layered under a jumper with boots for a casual look.


Utility ➡️ Shacket

Khaki was the shade of the year in 2012, which was seen rocked frequently through the iconic utility-style jackets of the time. As much as we loved the abundance of pockets, many of these pieces have now ended up in charity shops in favor of oversized ‘shackets’ or shirt jackets. These plaid jackets are oversized and tend to come in black, white, and neutral shades that can add some texture to any outfit.


Statement ➡️ Layering

Remember those iconic Millennial huge, plastic necklaces in the neon shades? Don’t pretend you don’t know the ones I’m talking about. Well, those days are, fortunately, over and the 2024 alternative is layering some more minimalist chains and pendants. Pearls, emerald green, and yellow gold are particularly in right now but why not mix your favorite metal tones and create a beautifully elegant look?

Elevate your outdated looks with some simple swaps that will make your closet feel refreshed and modernized this season. Oh, and ditch those infinity scarves already!