Closet Tracking: A Strategic Approach to Elevate Your Fashion Sense

How keeping tabs on your closet can transform your fashion game.


Closet tracking is a recent trend in which users can take an inventory of the entire contents of their closet, and easily store the data on their phones. Virtual closets are becoming increasingly popular amongst Gen Z, as software developers create new platforms to manage our 'fits online. But why would you need to do that?



Digitally tracking our wardrobes has many benefits that can make our morning routines easier, as well as having environmental benefits. Virtual wardrobe apps such as Indyx allow users to plan outfits with pieces they already have, saving time each morning and potentially unlocking new style combinations that they may never have tried on their own.

Additionally, these apps allow you to track how often you wear each piece in your outfits. This allows you to calculate the cost-per-wear of each item, which aims to encourage shoppers to choose high quality pieces that will pay for themselves in uses.  By doing this the apps are promoting an alternate to fast fashion, by proving that quality pieces will save you money in the long run, and cheaper alternatives will get you less wears and end up in landfill. 



Users can upload photos of their clothing, shoes and accessories to the platforms to track their outfits. However other closet trackers are using social media to keep tabs on their clothes; uploading outfit pics to social media and listing everything they are wearing instead. 

Will you be tracking your closets? Whether you’re a data fiend or a more laid-back type, this up and coming trend really inspires people to fall back in love with the clothing they already have instead of buying new.