Joe Freshgoods x New Balance 1000 is Bringing Back Y2K

A look into the eighth installment of JFG x NB.


Giving new life to the New Balance 1000, originally released in 1999, musician and creative director Joe Freshgoods has teamed up with New Balance to highlight the style of the early 2000s

As a segment of the “When Things Were Pure” collaboration, the JFG x NB 1000 sneaker will be available in colorways of black and pink in a range of sizes from M4/W5.5 to M15/W16.5. The sneaker is scheduled to launch via EQL raffle, opening on April 8th and ending on the 11th, gracing select lucky customers. 

The "When Things Were Pure” collaboration aims to blend the thrilling lifestyle and aesthetics of Y2K with the modernism and futurism of the present day. As “memory meets aspiration,” JFG x NB serves as a nod to the memories and experiences that have shaped us. 

JFG x NB 1000 is the eighth installment of his series with New Balance where Joe Freshgoods uses footwear as his canvas, highlighting the past and future while prioritizing the years between 2003 and 2010. 

Both pairs of the sneaker feature lace webbing, embroidery heels, 3M foxing, and wide mesh, with the black colorway incorporating iridescent material and the pink colorway utilizing metallic sandblaster material. 

Highly sought after, the sneakers are to be sold for $170 USD in a limited release.