574 New Balance X Miu Miu Suede And Denim Sneakers

Bdazzle your walk with this kicks.


Miu Miu and New Balance have been dazzling the sneakerheads with their 574 collaborations since Spring/Summer 2022. Their final release in August 2023 was a showstopper: a white suede and denim sneaker with shiny artificial crystals all over it. These shoes are not for the faint of heart, as they cost $1,679 online...yeah. That's a huge jump from the previous versions, which were already pricey. They also have a nostalgic Y2K feel and a dash of Miu Miu's fun personality.

These shoes have a more relaxed look, fitting Miu Miu's current vibe. They demonstrate how Miu Miu can turn any simple shoe into a fashion masterpiece, using the iconic New Balance shapes as a base. Although this isn't goodbye for Miu Miu and New Balance. They have more goodies coming up for Spring/Summer 2024, like a sleek pair of New Balance 530 shoes with suede, leather, and mesh elements in neutral shades.