Rosé, Bella Hadid, and Courtney Love Front The AW22 Campaigns And Oh My God, There’s So Much To Unpack

Buckle up because AW22 takes us on a wild ride.


The AW22 campaigns from March are back in full view thanks to the number of large and expensive images that the collection brought to life. The season contained pregnant bellies, Y2K throwbacks, glass-blown handbags, hunched-over posture, and presbertarian hoods. As if that wasn’t enough, Moschino produced a Bedknobs and Broomsticks homage, Prada compared Euphoria star Hunter Schafer to a chewed-up pencil, and Bella Hadid held the fort down with a classic Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg-Calvin Klein shoot, by toplessly wrapping her arms around a built Balenciaga model. 


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Courtney Love and Vivienne Westwood go full punk for Westwood’s campaign in which Love stars front and center, holding hands with Westwood on a cutting-room table.  

Westwood, who became known for deconstructing clothing-–creating clothes that were held together by safety pins– in order to deconstruct societal expectations and taboos, is continuing to create statement-making pieces. Westwood’s cultural significance and contributions to fashion cannot be overstated, with her practically living her life in the cutting room, tearing apart the fabric that holds our clothes together and the fabric that holds our society together.

Other esoteric looks from this collection include, Lily James’s gothic Versace campaign, Sydney Sweeney’s dramatic Miu Miu campaign, and Jeff Goldbloom’s very Jeff Goldbloom-esque Prada campaign, making for an eclectic group of A-listers working it on the billboard. Each campaign showcases a striking attitude of confidence and anarchy.  


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AW22’s sexy campaigns tease an exciting autumn and winter season filled with strange new outfits. The buildup of these images makes the message clear: sex sells.


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