Get Ready For Your Pogue Era As Outer Banks Returns

Whatever you have planned for tomorrow, it is time to cancel it.


Outer Banks is returning to Netflix with their 3rd season, and we don’t know about you, but we are ready for some Summer sunshine on our screens. So close the blinds and say goodbye to those Wintery vibes as you welcome sunshine-packed adventure back into your life.  

Not only do we love the suspense and mystery of the show, but if you haven’t noticed already, the fashion is kind of iconic. So we are ready to whip out our bandanas, dust off our shorts, and throw on layers of string jewelry. This is our take on dressing like a Pogue this Spring


We are swapping our sparkles for beads, strings, and unpolished gems. The whole aesthetic is based on the carefree and breezy lifestyle, which we believe is deep in the hearts of many. Although minimalism lies at the core of the Pogue aesthetic, this is not the case when it comes to jewelry. Layers of chains and pendants, strings of pearls and shells, and rough crystal rings scream that you are worthy of Pogueship.  

Casual Fits 

Loose baggy clothing is a winner. Think of layering your outfit with an oversized old shirt or throwing on your favorite baggy tee. Anything Bohemian goes, so if you have a piece of crochet in your wardrobe, get that on asap. Cargos and parachute pants will work wonders for recreating these cool fits and are super on-trend, so will be easily found in most places. And don't make the mistake of underestimating the power of simple swimwear and a pair of denim shorts!


To save you some time, it is probably a yes. It is classic Outer Banks style to have prints and patterns on shirts, bandanas, and bikinis. Any pattern works, and the more obscure, the better. Mix-match or coordinate; it is totally up to you how to style your patterned pieces. But, we will assure you, even if the sun is not shining, with a bright print on, you will feel 10x more summery.  

Remember, once a Pogue...always a Pogue.  

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