Male Celebrities Currently Having A Love Affair With Jewelry And How They Wear It

Take notes gents.


Men are embracing another fun part of fashion: jewelry. Jewelry has been a massive part of self-expression for a while now, but playing around with jewelry is not just for women. Men everywhere can, and should, start wearing more jewelry and famous men have already started.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles has gotten a lot of credit for mainstreaming male jewelry, in good company with Billy Porter and other male celebrities, but famous men wearing jewelry isn’t exactly new. Who among us can forget Lenny Kravitz looking like a stud with his layers of necklaces in the 80s? But not everybody was quick to incorporate the look themselves with most men, even today, wearing little more than a single gold chain or pinky ring. 
Now it’s making a comeback. 

While you could probably find examples of each of your favorite male celebrities rocking some jewelry on the red carpet, here are the celebrities who consistently incorporate the look into their wardrobe and how they do it:

A$AP Rocky

Earrings, knuckle-consuming rings, thick chains and multi-colored beads: A$AP Rocky more than piles on the jewelry and we are here for it. Not only is he working a jewelry-filled style, he has developed a style that is all his own. You’re not likely to see this exact look on anyone else.


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Fai Khadra

Fai Khadra is a men’s style influencer and it shows. He confidently wears a long chain with a large pendant over a long, baggy suit, along with his razor-sharp shades taking up much of his face.


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Shawn Mendes

Speaking of golden, gold seems to be Shawn Mendes’s color with his vintage gold watch, gold rings, and thin gold pendant necklace. He keeps it simple but stylish, letting guys everywhere know that it doesn’t have to be elaborate to put in the effort.


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Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham is another minimalist jewelry-wearer, wearing a gold chain or two over a white shirt. Much like his father, David Beckham, Brooklyn is showing that men’s style can be revolutionized by shying away from masculine undertones and embracing more fluidity in clothing.


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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is another one who falls on the minimalist side of the spectrum, wearing a chain on stage and in everyday life. One of the things that did not change during the past decade was Beiber’s love of a single chain. 

Jackson Wang

Singer, record producer, fashion designer, and experimental dresser, Jackson Wang has always made strides in his outfits, proving that there is no shortage of places that men’s fashion could be taken. On the backdrop of an all-black outfit, Wang elevates the look with a half-pearl, half-chain necklace. It’s an attention-grabbing jewelry piece that will start a conversation just about anywhere.


We love a good champagne papi moment. Fortunately for us, Drake often delivers when it comes to fashion and looks. He keeps it simple, except for the occasional statement diamond necklace with a matching bracelet set. This makes his ensembles all about the shimmer and shine, aided by the fact that he has one of the most impressive watch sets out there, including one with a diamond encrusted bezel.

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is all about endless pink co-ords, rainbow nails, and lots of bling. In particular, MGK keeps all of his jewelry silver, showing the thought and attention he puts into his look, while mix-matching thin chains with thick ones for a chaotic look that is full rock star. 

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X always brings the glamour with bold, chunky necklaces wrapped around his neck and esoteric rings lining his fingers. He’s on top of every aspect of his outfit, from his jewelry to the sunglasses that he pairs them with. 


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Billy Porter

And finally Billy Porter, a man who, in many ways, made it easier for other men to embrace a more fluid style. He’s worn hats that have had strings of rhinestones hanging from the rim, been decked out in $55,000 worth of diamonds during his historic Emmy win, and once casually sported a Lorraine Swartz pink sapphire and diamond necklace at The Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards. On top of all of that there’s been rings, rings, and more rings, making it a signature for him.

Men can take inspiration from any of the above looks to decide if, how, and when to incorporate jewelry into their style.


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