Entertainment And Sports Stars Auction Items For Cancer Charity

Entertainment And Sports Stars Auction Items For Cancer Charity

Get your bids in now!


Harry Styles, David Beckham and Simon Pegg are just a few of the big celebrity names that are taking part in the amazing Loosen Up Auction organized by Scottish cancer charity, Cahonas

The aim of this famous face auction is to raise money and awareness of testicular cancer. This type of cancer occurs roughly in 1 of every 250 males who will develop testicular cancer at some point in their life, that’s an estimate of 2,400 men per year - but if the diagnosis is caught and treated early enough, the chances of curing the condition sit as high as 98%.

Some of the items up for auction are a Gucci scarf signed by Harry Styles, a signed worn t-shirt donated by English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch and a signed Nike bandana worn by Tennis player, Roger Federer from the World Tour Finals 2012. The auctions began on 19 November, with some of the items already reaching an amazing amount of over £1,000. 

Founder of Cahonas, Ritchie Marshall, said: “I am truly amazed and so grateful for so many of the world’s best-loved and well-known celebrities to pledge their support,”

“Testicular cancer can have devasting effects for men and their families – but it doesn’t have to. It shows just how seriously everybody takes the need to raise awareness.”

The Cahonas Celebrity Loosen Up Auction 2020 runs until 29 November, so take a look at their website to browse all the items up for auction and to donate.

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