Drake Withdraws From 2022 Grammys

The artist has announced he will be withdrawing from the award ceremony


Drake was amongst other artists nominated for a Grammy award last week. The artist was in the running for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Performance; however, Drake has since decided to withdraw from “The Biggest Night in Music.” 

The artist has always had mixed opinions on the award show as well as an interesting relationship with it dating back to 2018, when he decided to withdraw from consideration after he won best rap song for a song featuring no rapping in 2017. He stated after his win “I feel weird, it's not a rap song.” He suggested that this could be racial profiling suggesting that the win was “Because he is black.” This of course raises issues with the award show as no artists should feel as though they won because of the color of their skin. He described the event as something that made him feel “almost alienated.”  

In 2019 Drake, Kendrick Lemar and Childish Gambino all refused to perform because of this. Drake attended to accept his award but used the spotlight to raise light on his feelings on previous years and to talk about his conflicted feelings on the award show

And that brings us today. Not only has Drake made the decision to withdraw he has inspired other artists including The Weekend to boycott the awards show. 


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