The New It Girl Shoe: Why Adidas Gazelles Are Here To Stay In 2024

They are back and better than ever.


The world of fashion trends is a beautiful place, but wildly unpredictable. Trends that we believed had been done and dusted and locked away in a time capsule of past fashion, are now beginning to be resurrected and reshaped to adapt to the new Gen Z era. 

Adidas shoes have become a street style icon and have been a classic staple for many years, with the brand becoming known for their unique designs and comfortable components that offer a long-lasting unique look. With the adidas Sambas reigning supreme for the last few years, it seems it could well be well and truest coming to an end in 2024, as adidas Gazelles have entered their it-girl era. 

History of the Gazelle

For those not familiar with the Gazelle, they are a smooth, suede lace-up trainer which originated from the German label Adidas was founded in 1949 but adidas Originals – which is the more fashion athleisure wing of the brand – only launched in 1997, taking some of the company’s design signatures with it, which is what gives it the appeal of retro feel. One of the best examples is its classic Gazelle trainer; first conceived in 1960 as the brand's ‘training shoe’ which is how we got the name ‘trainers’.

Rise to fame 

From sportswear to streetwear, people began to realize that adidas Gazelles were much more than a sporting shoe, they had the fashionable qualities that could make an outfit remarkable. In the 90s, tracksuits and trainers became the classic uniform of Britpop, being worn by icons such as Kate Moss and Oasis. Adidas Originals had broken the barrier and become not just fashion, but a statement of youth culture and the first cult fashion item.

The 2024 style 

With the likes of Harry Styles, Jacob Elordi, and Kendall Jenner already boarding the Gazelle train, it was only a matter of time before these shoes skyrocketed in the markets. 

As well as being a style staple, the adidas Gazelle are the ideal mix of form and function: comfy enough for practicality as well as stylish enough for any occasion. With many different colors and styles, this girl shoe has proved its versatility with its newfound beauty. It can be paired with any outfit from casual to formal, these shoes know how to make an outfit pop!