Comfortable Streetwear To Luxury Runways: The Rise Of Athleisure

When sport meets fashion.


The fashion industry has seen a dramatic shift in recent years, with athleisure clothing taking center stage in the closets of many women. The hybridity of mixing comfort with style has launched a new outlook on fashion, with the focus more on simplicity for an effortless, elegant look. 



So, what is athleisure?

In terms of styling, athleisure fashion is all about blending sport and casual everyday clothes. This can be achieved through the use of bold colors, unique patterns, and trendy details like mesh or metallic. From running casual errands to formal activities, athleisure is now being considered a fashion statement. Mixing and matching different athleisure pieces can create a visually interesting and fashion-focus look.



How did athleisure become so popular?

When the activewear trend took off about 10 years ago, we began to see the trend of wardrobe blending emerge. With iconic athletic brands such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok contributing towards this rise in fashion, people began to wonder what was this emerging trend. We had numerous terms for this, whether it was athleisuresportswear, or leisurewear. Despite the countless names, this style of clothing has now entered the mainstream market, where we were blending elements of activewear into our everyday wardrobes – from wearing a sports bra with jeans to a sweatshirt with formal trousers. Then the pandemic hit, and we converted this hybrid wardrobe for straight-up comfort. Now we see athleisure everywhere!



So, where is athleisure now?

Despite being a new fashion style, athleisure’s rise to fame has happened rapidly! From runways to celebrities, the leap from casual to luxury athleisure has happened only in the last few years. As we can see in the sponsorship deal between LVMH and the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics – a deal that creates a premium partnership between sport and luxury. While not the first time these two worlds have come together, this alliance has the power to open new doors of creativity and collaboration across multiple industries including beauty, and accessories and only boost athleisure even further!

Final Thoughts

As we begin to dream about what a Dior or Chanel Olympic athletic wear will look like, athleisure fashion has proven its worth in the fashion sphere and will only continue to create iconic fashion moments.