Jacquemus Sells A Surreal Summer Dream In Spring 23 RTW Show

The sensations of a summer day, evoked from a chic spring collection.


This Spring 23 RTW runway show was everything to be expected from the french force that is Jacquemus! All the models made a powerful entrance through a round-shaped venue, with straws raining from the ceiling, wearing pieces of a collection that tick all the boxes of a typical, but certainly not boring, Jacquemus aesthetic checklist. This very European collection of summer vacation nostalgia was a bundle of modern, sexy, playful, youthful, and quirky, all wrapped up in one!

There are so many things to appreciate about every piece, from the romance of the ruffles, to the sexy aspect of the scanty looks, to the sharp shoulders, to the beautifully draped silhouettes!

Definitely not ignoring the most essential elements of a summer mood board, polka dots, trippy 70’s style prints, and monochromatic sunny colored looks also made a righteous appearance, along with other delectable color tones, such as red and pink. Neutral and darker stories also joined the party but still had a cohesively youthful and chic presence. You’ll also notice the straw weather atmosphere mimicked in coats, hats, and tops that embodied the earthy texture in a fun and wild way, which makes us wonder if this is Jacquemus’s interpretation of fur.

 To finish off this article, we simply can’t not talk about the baby elephant-sized hats in the raffia-infested room. When the models were walking in those giant-sized statement sun hats, you’re immediately forced to smile because of the life and bounciness that they were organically performing, which brought the real humor factor that this designer is so cleverly known for.

To continue with our obsession of the hats, it’s important to also acknowledge just how intelligent Simon Porte Jacquemus is from a conceptual standpoint, where he successfully knows how to set the scenes that inspire his collections and translates that even more through distinct styling methods. He did just that by placing some of the sun hats behind the heads of his models, which was unconventional but very impactful for a runway. From immediate first glance of those hats, it registers to the viewer as something of a sunset illusion, corresponding perfectly with the overall theme.

After the show ended, Simon proudly walked out, living yet another well-deserved glory moment for his creativity. He then witnessed his audience embrace the influence of his fun-spirited collection as they were all laying and playing on the field of raffia.

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