Fendi Celebrates 25 Years of The Famous Baguette Bag

Excess, glamour and Linda Evangelista! What more could you want?


Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi felt it was only right to hold their Resort 2023 show celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ‘Baguette’ bag in New York, if you’re a ‘Sex & The City’ fan you’ll know why. The show ran from the late 90s to the early noughties becoming famous for its depiction of female sex and pleasure, but what caught the viewers’ attention even more than the character's sexual escapades was the fashion. The central character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was often seen wearing different variations of the ‘Baguette’ bag making it the famous favorite it is today.

It’s been years since New York Fashion Week has seen a production of this magnitude, Venturini Fendi stated that the show intended to “bring pleasure to people” which is something we all need after the last couple of years. Held in the Hammerstein ballroom covered in beige carpets and curtains the show felt more of an event than a fashion show. In the FROW we saw Kim Kardashian, Naomi Watts, Kate Moss, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta and of course SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) herself. Shockingly legendary icon Grace Jones sat in the second row emitting a WTF reaction across social media. 

The collection saw Fendi dabble in collaborating with three ‘big apple’ institutions; ‘Marc Jacobs’, ‘Tiffany & Co’ and luggage brand ‘Porter’. Whilst the fashion industry is currently oversaturated with collabs this one felt more authentic as it leaned more so into creativity and fun instead of the cash-grabbing logo mania of recent years. Iconic jewelery brand ‘Tiffany & Co’ provided dazzling diamond ‘Baguettes’, a stand out being the double – F logo on the blue croc baguette carried by Bella Hadid being coated in the precious stones. A long-time friend of Marc’s and current face of Fendi, Linda Evangelista, made her return to the catwalk closing the show in a Tiffany blue opera cape carrying a sterling silver ‘Baguette’ bag.

In total Marc Jacobs was given free rein to design ten of the total 54 looks in the collection. Jacob's looks embodied larger-than-life silhouettes and amplified dimensions, which we’ve been seeing him explore over recent seasons at his eponymous label. The ten looks included train skirts, opera capes and recycled fur hats which exemplified both the grit and glamour of New York. 

Rightfully so this was a show which saw the accessories taking centre stage and becoming an extension of the clothes sprouting out of miniskirts and socks. There were ‘Baguette’s’ worn on wrists, attached to hats, used as jewelery and even mini ‘Baguette’ pouches attached to major ‘Baguette’ purses.

The celebratory show was an original and fun way to honor the brand's most iconic accessory. Some may think it’s a bit overstated to create a whole 54-look collection honoring a bag, but as Carrie Bradshaw once said “it’s not a bag, but a Baguette”. 

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