Beyoncé Stars In Newest Tiffany & Co. Campaign
Beyoncé Stars In Newest Tiffany & Co. Campaign

Beyoncé Stars In Newest Tiffany & Co. Campaign

Too classy for this world—forever she’s that girl.


Renaissance queen, Beyoncé, has partnered with Tiffany & Co. for another campaign titled “LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE.” The campaign dropped on Sept. 2 featuring the luxury label’s latest designs. The “Alien Superstar” singer is seen wearing chic pieces from the Tiffany Hardwear, Tiffany Lock and Tiffany T collections. Not only does Beyoncé sparkle in all of these pieces, but a custom Tiffany Hardwear necklace was designed specifically for her for the campaign.

The “LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE” campaign is a celebration of love and embracing the joy in believing in one’s self. The partnership of Beyoncé and Tiffany & Co. comes at a perfect time considering the recent release of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” album. Uniquely similar to the theme of the campaign, “Renaissance” celebrated being one’s unapologetic self. The campaign came with two videos, with one featuring Queen Bey donned in diamonds, a metallic trench coat, a dramatic black hat and insanely high heels, and the other with her strutting in a form fitting black dress whilst dripping in diamonds. As Beyoncé shines in the campaign videos, hit song “Summer Renaissance” plays in the background. 

In a statement, Beyoncé speaks on how much of a pleasure it is to team up with Tiffany & Co. for the “LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE" campaign.

“I am honored to continue the partnership with Tiffany & Co. and to explore even deeper how beautiful our connections are, when we truly celebrate the relationship and importance of love that we have for ourselves as individuals.”

Check out the striking Tiffany & Co. campaign video down below. “LOSE YOURSELF IN LOVE” is currently available to shop on

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