Tiffany & Co. Goes From Diamonds To Techno
Tiffany & Co. Goes From Diamonds To Techno
Tiffany & Co. Goes From Diamonds To Techno

Tiffany & Co. Goes From Diamonds To Techno

Tiffany & Co. turns NFTs into customized jewelry.


Crypto chips are a girl's best friend, at least according to Tiffany’s latest campaign. NFTs are “non-fungible tokens” of financial security that consist of digital data and Tiffany’s is turning them into jewelry for $50,000. The 184 year old company is stepping into the digital age in a big way by taking a pause from diamonds for a moment and focusing on truly modern jewelry. 

Tiffany & Co. announced the launch of this cleverly-titled NFT venture, “NFTiff,” on August 1st, with the launch expected to take place on August 5th. For one week, three NFTiff passes will be made available for purchase for any and all identity verified individuals. CryptoPunk holders will now have the opportunity to own a pendant shaped like their digital punk NFT. This comes as the result of a collaboration with the technology innovator, Chain.   

The inspiration for this piece came from, Alexandre Arnault, the Executive VP of Product and Communication at Tiffany and Co, who shared his own “CryptoPunk#3167” pendant on social media earlier this year. About the collection, Arnault stated, “We are incredibly excited to announce the debut of NFTiff, bringing our clients the rare opportunity to turn CryptoPunks into custom Tiffany & Co. jewelry designs through a fully digital experience.” Although there are over 10,000 CryptoPunks, only 250 physical pendants will be produced. 

Each collector will receive a gem-studded pendant, engraved with an original CryptoPunks edition number on the front and Tiffany’s signature logo on the back. “NFTiff” will be available globally at Tiffany’s NFT website and orders are expected to be delivered in early 2023.


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