Most Expensive Diamond Colors With Prices: Guide 2022

Which color is the most luxurious?


Diamonds make people nuts. Everyone dreams of having a beautiful stone in the collection, which will speak of a person's wealth and play the role of a perfect and impressive accessory to any look. We are used to jewelry with the usual white and colorless stones, but when seeing a colored diamond, we are enthralled. Buyers try to choose a stone that is perfect for their personality. They read about compatibility with the zodiac sign, pay attention to the color of their eyes, and finally buy yellow diamond or a pink, blue one. Let's get into the details of how much colored diamonds cost and which color is the most luxurious.

Colored Diamonds: Are They Natural?    

Colored diamonds exist in nature and although they are less common than white ones, they are more expensive. The formation of diamonds in the depths of the earth at the initial stage doesn't depend on its color. Extreme high pressure and high temperatures cause carbon molecules to restructure. Then, when the temperature drops and the pressure and chemical reactions are in the right conditions, the carbon atoms in the melting rock of the Earth's core combine to form diamond crystals. The formation of colored diamonds is augmented by the presence of trace elements and the curvature of the basic crystal lattice. With colored diamonds available on the world market, it is often quite difficult to distinguish which diamond acquired its color naturally and which has been artificially stained.


Rating Criteria for Colored Diamonds

There is an international grading system that is based on several characteristics. It is the so-called 4C grading, which includes:


It refers to proportion, symmetry and polish. Since when making a diamond from rough stones the polisher must find a balance between the size of the finished stone and the quality of cut, there are several grades of cut on the market: excellent, very good, good and fair.


Natural diamonds come in different colors. There are about 30 types of shades that can be combined to create unique and astonishing colors.


Natural diamonds usually have traces of their birth in the depths in the form of inclusions of varying degrees of visibility. Only less than 1% of stones can boast of absolute clarity. The following types of clarity are distinguished: flawless, very very slightly included, slightly included, included.


One carat is equivalent to two tenths of a gram. The weight of a diamond dramatically affects its price. A one-carat diamond will cost more than two half-carats of the same characteristics.

Overview of Main Colors and Their Price

Red Diamonds

Natural red diamonds are extremely rare stones. Diamonds can be of many different hues (pinkish-red, brownish-red, purplish-red, etc.), but naturally red will remain the dominant color of the stone.

The price of red diamonds is very high, but it varies greatly depending on the presence or absence of additional shades and intensity of red. The average price per carat for a pure red diamond under one carat in size is $1 million.

Blue Diamonds

A pure blue diamond is one of the rarest gemstones. That is why blue diamonds most often have small admixtures of other colors. Most often these are green and gray. According to the official classification, they are divided into the slight hue, light hue, colored, intense, deep, dark, bright and others. Bright blue diamonds are rarely found in nature. Most often, it is possible to find lightly-colored stones of gray-blue or blue-green color. Among the rarer shades are aquamarine-colored stones that combine blue and purple. The price for blue diamonds of up to one carat is around $150,000 per carat.

Pink Diamonds

This is also one of the rarest color diamonds, which conceals many versions of how this color comes about. Some speak of temperature and pressure symbiosis, while others fall for the cosmic theory. But the fact remains that the pink diamond is unique. The price of a cut pink diamond ranges up to $100,000 for one carat. In such deals, the authenticity of the stone and the certification that the color has not been artificially altered are very important.

Yellow Diamonds

If for colorless diamonds, even a slight yellow hue is undesirable and decreases the price of a stone, for fancy diamonds, the price per carat will increase according to the intensity of the yellow color. A yellow diamond gives the ring its uniqueness and nobility. They acquire its color due to changes occurring in their crystal lattice. This process usually results in a slight hue, but if the nitrogen atoms are absorbed deeply, the color of the stone may become very yellow. The price of a natural colored diamond is very high and reaches even $1 million per carat.


Diamond is the most popular and expensive type of stone. Modern technology has made rare and expensive colored diamonds more accessible. Through temperature and radiation treatment, brown and yellowish diamonds are transformed into luxurious pink, blue, red, purple and other. At the same time, natural stones remain in demand and have a high value. From our review, we can conclude that the most expensive diamonds are yellow and red. And the most important reason is their rarity.