Emily In Paris Season 3 Looks Are Paralleling The Drama Of This Season

3 words for the 3rd season: Ou-La-La!


Emily is back with a bang! Literally! The marketing-savvy and optimistic American girl in Paris just got even more french, by spontaneously cutting bangs for Emily in Paris season 3, and she has a bold wardrobe to match!

We all know that Emily has always had a natural gift for attracting drama that either gives us lots of laughs, leaves us in suspense, or just leaves us sympathizing with her heartbreak.

While the 3rd season Netflix premiere of the hit whimsical comedy is still a few days away, the trailer did hint that Mademoiselle Emily Cooper is going to be caught in not one but two different love triangles this season. The first is between her, the smoldering British banker in a suit, Alfie, and the french chef, who's just as yummy looking as the food he cooks, Gabriel.

The second is between her, the marketing firm Savoir that's suffered an American take-over, and Sylvie's new rival company. 

Okay, we're just going to say it. How in the world does Emily manage to juggle all that drama, while still managing to look so over-the-top and high-fashion all the time?



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It is jarring, but the looks are so outrageously jaw-dropping this season that they might actually distract us from the chaos that is Emily's life. We're talking jungle royalty volumes, femme polka dot and checkered patterns, blinding color combinations, swarms of feathers, platform shoes, and a little evening glitz and glamour.

She can make the decision to cut her hair, but can she make the decision to cut ties with one or two of her inevitably doomed relationships?

One thing is for sure; she'll be looking stylish as hell while figuring it out!

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