Why I Relate To Wednesday Addams

An appreciation letter to Jenna Ortega


When I decided to give this new Netflix show a chance, and that was mostly because I was desperate and had nothing else to watch, I didn’t expect to fall in love with it the way that I did. More importantly, I didn’t expect to be so in awe of the main protagonist of this modern retelling of such a classic, twisted and thrilling story.

The moment I saw Wednesday walk through the halls of such a colorful and normal high school, standing out in a dark outfit and Gothic presence among a sea of ‘normies,’ I knew that I was going to have a lot of personal déjà vu moments while watching this show.

Like Wednesday, my wardrobe also captures the essence of a very fashionable funeral, and my eyes twitch at the thought of ever wearing color. I’ve also spent my entire life being a social pariah, which is the inevitable price you pay for being an independent thinker who’s never been able to fall in line with the rest of the mainstream herd, and desperately wanting to fit in. I never cared to fit in, and I still don’t. 

It’s characters like Wednesday that I really look up to. When I saw how audacious she was, how she never hesitated to read people honestly and call it like she saw it, and how she was so naked with her personality and never dared to hide her true self, it made me see myself in a whole different light.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m practically dead inside, or that I find pleasure in sharpening hatchets and taking naps in cold freezers, but I’ve had a lot of trouble making friends, maintaining relationships, and being likable.

I’ve always struggled socially. All because I dare to be blunt with hypocrites about their toxic qualities instead of giving them an unlimited pass to get away scot-free with my silence. All because I know who I am and what I want, which sometimes upsets certain entitled people who are disappointed if I’m not on the same page or dare to have an opinion that doesn’t shadow theirs. All because I want to be different, just like Wednesday is.

What I respect so much about Wednesday is that she doesn’t care about who likes her and who doesn’t. She stands proudly in her own uniqueness, and has a mind that functions independently from the popular influence. She has no interest in trivial activities, and finds contentment in being a loner, with nothing but her cello, her novel, and solving dangerous mysteries to keep her stimulated.

That’s what I aspire to be. Someone who lives his life by his own rules, and at his own pace, no matter who has a problem with it. While watching the show, I noticed that many of her classmates weren’t repelled by her individuality, but had a lot of respect for her because of it. Sadly, in the real world, it’s very rare to meet an Enid Sinclair or a Xavier Thorpe, who actually admire your grit to be different.

So far, I only have a couple friends who like me for who I am instead of running away because they’re intimidated by me, unlike most inauthentic cowards. I have no respect for those people, and Wednesday Addams reminds me that the only way to live is to be you, and never censor yourself for anyone or anything. 

To Jenna Ortega, if by some miracle you ever stumble upon this article, thank you for bringing such a courageous character to life because from now on,  every time somebody walks out of my life or I get rejected for the sole reason of just being true to myself, I’ll remember her, and I’ll be okay!