King's College London Presents Sewing Futures Sustainable Fashion Show

Featuring nine young UK-based designers.


When it comes to finding new talent in fashion, students are often behind some of the most bold and unique ideas. That's why the first-ever CMCI (Culture Media and Creative Industries) Winter Festival, hosted by King's College London, is such an exciting event. Over the course of a week, students in various creative fields could display their work to a public audience. 

One highlight was the Sewing Futures Sustainable Fashion Show, showcasing works from nine rising UK designers. Inga Kovalerova Couture, Tanya Anand, Angels Wear Nada, The IOA, Shivxni, Studio Trent, KayD McAdam Freud, Selena Sancaktar Studio, and Marilena Angelides all presented their own one-of-a-kind looks, made using deadstock fabrics and natural dyes. 





Fizzy Mag had the chance to speak with student organizers Chiara Fanconi and Defne Koclu about the inspiration behind the show and the process of bringing it to the audience. The theme of the winter festival was Youth, and both Chiara and Defne felt that sustainability is one of the primary concerns of young people working in fashion, who are becoming increasingly aware of the impact clothing has on our planet. "The idea of sustainability is what brought all the different designers in the show together," Chiara said. "For young people in fashion, it's the only option we have in the future."

The 25 looks worn by student models showcased the wide range of sustainable clothing options available. With choices ranging from floor-length tulle dresses to patchwork denim pants and jackets, anyone can find environmentally friendly pieces that match their personal style.

When asked about sustainability's future, Defne and Chiara mentioned renting clothes as a sustainable option that is growing more popular. It prevents waste by giving pieces multiple homes and makes sustainable fashion more accessible to those unable to buy expensive pieces. Some designers presenting at Sewing Futures, such as Inga Kovalerova, have made their pieces available for rental only. "It's a great way to give a piece multiple lives, especially something you might only be wearing once for a special event," Defne said. 

The Sewing Futures show was live-streamed by VIOU, a social platform designed to connect people across the fashion industry, from models to designers. The app allows viewers to learn about and purchase from the designers in the show. VIOU will partner with many fashion shows across the UK, including the official London Fashion Week. "Because we partner with larger designers as well as small ones, it's a great way for independent designers to find a larger audience and make connections in the industry," said founder Manos Zampouridis. 

Pieces from the show are available to purchase and to rent. Make sure to keep an eye on the designers in the future as they continue to produce stylish pieces that are good for the environment. 

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