Britney Spears' Husband Denied Rumors That She Had A "Manic" Episode

After appearing to storm out of a dinner date.


Asghari said he simply left to try to get their car to stop so they could escape as quickly as possible for an interview with TMZ on Sunday. People get a little too enthusiastic when they see my wife; he continued, so everyone starts shooting and doing their own thing. However, fame comes with the area, so when I went to get the car to go immediately, people assumed I had already departed. However, that didn't occur.

Asghari emphasized that Britney appeared to become upset when everyone began photographing her when she only wanted to eat dinner with her husband. When questioned if Britney was simply getting "frustrated" since cameras follow her everywhere she goes, he responded, 
"It is what it is. It is what it is. It makes me angry. You know, it's rude when you sit down to dinner, and people start filming you with their cameras. However, you already know that fame only comes with certain responsibilities."

On Saturday, Britney Spears was struggling while out to dinner with her husband. 

According to TMZ, the incident happened when Spears and her 28-year-old husband, Sam Asghari, arrived for dinner in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Woodland Hills. "Passersby grabbed their phones and started filming her on them. Things swiftly descended when Britney became enraged," the publication reported. 

Witnesses said that Britney went "manic," screaming and babbling incoherently, causing Asghari to rush out of the establishment. The video that follows shows Spears eating by herself and grumbling to herself before she and her security leave the establishment.

After her public rage, Spears posted a few mysterious notes on Instagram. 

"They informed me that I couldn't, so I did," a post that had a drawing of a woman with her legs crossed and sunglasses on who remarkably resembled Cardi B



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Following that, Britney posted a video of the "Toxic" singer dancing alone and constantly turning the camera off. 

The discovery follows a flurry of strange social media posts from Spears, who shared a number of nearly nude photos and videos on Instagram, including one of herself taking a bath.

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