Is Kylie Jenner A Bad Friend?

Inside the Instagram story that turned the Internet against Kylie.


If there’s one thing we’re fairly sure of about Kylie Jenner, it’s that she’s not strapped for cash. That’s precisely why her recent Instagram story raised more than a few eyebrows. The make-up mogul and reality TV star linked a GoFundMe page aimed at raising money for celebrity make-up artist, Samuel Rauda’s, mounting medical bills. According to TMZ, Rauda, Kylie’s friend who she’s frequently worked with, was recently involved in a car accident that left him with serious brain injuries.


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When Kylie posted an Instagram story sending Rauda well wishes and encouraging others to donate to his cause, the GoFundMe had a goal of $60,000. As soon as people spotted a $5,000 donation, which appeared to be from Ms.Jenner, questions popped up all over the Internet wondering “why didn’t Kylie just pay for it herself?”

In May of 2020, Forbes estimated her worth to be nearly $900 million. $5,000 is a drop in a $900 million bucket, but so is $60,000, and Twitter users were quick to point that out.

TMZ later reported that at the time of Jenner’s donation, Rauda’s fundraiser had $6,000 of only a $10,000 goal-- meaning that Kylie’s donation actually pushed the fundraiser over the top. The goal then increased to $60,000. As of Monday afternoon, almost $99,400 had been raised, which will certainly help Rauda on his road to recovery.

None of this, of course, changes the fact that Kylie asked her followers to donate after the initial goal was raised, and since most of her followers probably don’t come from a wildly rich celebrity family, it leaves a bad taste in our mouths. So, we’ll say the jury’s still out on whether it really pays to be in Kylie’s inner circle. What we’re sure of is that we’re rooting for Samuel’s speedy and successful recovery.