Britney Spears' 00s Fashion Is The Future

If U Seek A+ looks, look no further than Miss American Dream.


As a full-time homosexual myself, I am distinctly qualified to pronounce Britney Spears an icon. However, this isn't really breaking news. Given how difficult the media and, more recently, the conservatorship her father had over her has made much of Spears' life, it's no wonder that people flock to her as a beacon of admiration. Not only this, but nobody can deny that she has a few bangers in her repertoire.

Many of these songs are still played, sung, and danced to in 2022; also known as the era that brought back the low-rise jeans that Britney-Jean had a hand in bolstering to the superstardom that the renaissance of Y2K style is basking in right now. "What is Y2K?!" I hear you cry. It's the comeback of the fashion that was prominent in the early 2000s, brought to the spotlight by sensations such as Ciara, Avril Lavigne and Destiny's Child.

Cargo Pants, Parachute Pants, glossy lips, and tight ponytails are all elements of this trend powerhouse. The whole aesthetic has made a fierce comeback in recent years, thanks in no small part to TikTok and other social media platforms.

So many of Spears' music videos encapsulate this style. Trust me when I say I've seen them all—multiple times. So, without further ado, let's deep dive into this musical masterpiece and fashion Pharos and break down the music videos that bring the sass and style of Spears to center stage.

Pretty Girls ft Iggy Azalea

If you're looking for both sass and style, your first stop is going to be Pretty Girls ft Iggy Azalea. The looks BANG. Backcombed and permed hair featured alongside leopard print crop tops and the low-waisted blue jeans that all the Miu-Miu stans are obsessing over right now. It's Y2K encapsulated. Without even mentioning the like, TOTALLY cute, cropped denim jacket that Azalea sports throughout. At the time of writing, this music video is seven years old. Both of these outfits are not far at all from the contents of my For You page this morning. All of these are still very much wearable. This shows the longevity of an icon.

(You Drive Me) Crazy

The trendsetting kept on coming with (You Drive Me) Crazy. It does, in fact, drive me crazy because the looks in here are to die for. First, the bunches Britney wears at the very start, combined with the glasses with no lenses, is pure 2008 chic. Then the green crop top with those jeans??? It's literally what's on the runways in Milan and Paris this year. The only difference is that they don't have a tray with a milkshake on it, although I wouldn't put this past Jeremy Scott.

Regardless, the fact that Y2K style has made such a hardcore comeback on both the streets of your town and the runways of the world from the time that Queen Britney initially took to her throne shows that she's a timeless style icon.

Not only is style crusaded by Spears, but so is strength. She regularly snipes at the people invading her privacy and dragging her name through the mud in her songs. Songs like Piece of Me and My Prerogative feature lyrics that talk about the perps of privacy violation. When Spears says things like "I'm Mrs. Extra, Extra, this just in," she addresses the pure scrutiny she faces in every aspect of her life.

She mentions her kids, her style and fashion choices, and her money as things the press like to talk about frequently. However, she always knows they want a piece of her, and she keeps pushing on. Just like this, in my prerogative, she addresses boys and the media's perception of who she is. Given that she wasn't a free woman until scarily recently, it just goes to show how strong she is to power through all of this while also being a style icon, both then and now.

But what's it to you, right? Britney has worn it all, and so can you. The Y2K aesthetic is only gaining momentum. So take inspiration from a star. From low-waisted jeans, crop tops, cargo pants, and huge earrings, there's a cornucopia of couture to add to your collection. So give your step a little Spears sparkle.

The queen of Y2K lives on as a free woman and with so many iconic looks under her belt-like skirt, who's to say where she goes next?  Whenever she does and wherever that takes her, you'll know it's Britney, bitch.