The Family Drama Seems To Have No End For Britney Spears

The pop princess addresses estrangement from her two sons.


Britney Spears’ ongoing drama with her immediate family is getting more and more heartbreaking with each new revelation. Last week, the megastar took to her Instagram to candidly address her estrangement from her two sons Jayden and Preston. In a voice recording that has now been deleted, Britney addressed her son Jayden's comments from a recent 60 Minutes Australia interview where he claimed he had not seen his mother in several months due to her erratic behavior on social media and that all he can do is “pray she gets better.”


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In the recording, Spears questions Jayden’s intentions behind his cryptic comments and wonders if this is just another example of her family being unaccustomed to her newfound freedom after her 13 year-long conservatorship was lifted back in November of 2021. The Toxic singer continues to express her sadness over the whole situation and insinuates that her two children are being influenced to think a certain way about her due to her ex-husband Kevin Federline or other estranged family members of the pop icon. 

Since then, Spears has taken to Instagram once again to address Jayden’s comments. In this recent voice recording, Spears states how from the ages of six to nine, she actually got to have both her sons 70% of the time, yet now things could not be more different. The estranged relationship with her children has caused the pop princess to feel like something has died inside of her, that her two kids were her entire source of joy and that now it feels as if her heart has stopped beating. 

Despite all the turmoil, Britney finishes the recording by reclaiming her love of her two sons. She states: “Jayden and Preston, I adore you. I was told you guys have blocked me. I hope you’re using your punching bag I gave you. You guys are unbelievable in the gym. Happy early birthday. You guys can do pull ups. Wow. You’re skilled in everything you do. I’m so blessed to even call you mine, and I just want you to know I apologize, my ignorance in saying ‘so’ to you guys — that was meant for my father.”

All recordings have since been deleted from Britney’s Instagram account.

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